Hello everyone!

This is looooong overdue.

I’m writing this post out of a lot of bottled up emotion. I’ve recently been watching a lot of dramas, some good some bad, but above all – I want a place where I can talk about what I’ve watched. To recap my favourite episodes. To share what I think and dream of. And also, to read about how others feel about my favourite (or most hated!) shows.

Hence, theworldofrecaps is born.

This is meant to be a COLLABORATIVE blog, that is open to one and all who want to recap and share about their favourite dramas.

I put no restrictions on what you want to recap about, or what style you want to recap in, all I ask is for your honest, original opinion. I want to hear what you have to say. And I want to provide a place where other people can hear that too, and share their thoughts.

SO… if you are interested, leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list of users!!!

Let’s build up our world of recaps together, one recap at a time 🙂


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