Running Man Episode 108 Recap

heeheehee I just finished watching Running Man Episode 108 and had to write a recap cos it was tooo funny!!!

Ep 108’s special guests were Gong Hyo Jin (Queen of Romantic Comedy) and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. But this episode’s team was unusual… it kicked off with a mock press conference introducing a new drama “Don’t Walk, Just Date”…. AND…. the lead actor was KWANG SOO! hahaha this was super hilarious, all the other Running Man members were pleading with the PD before the lead actor was announced, saying “Please let it be Kwang Soo…” “In his drama, he only had one line…” “Please give Kwang Soo a chance”


AND SO HE WAS! Kwang Soo was cast as the lead actor, and Gong Hyo Jin was his female lead, with the rest of them being supporting actors.

I loved this episode mainly cos of Gong Hyo Jin. She was soooo funny. She started off the episode saying that she wasn’t very competitive, and she didnt want to win, so she hoped the show wouldnt be boring. Reality was the complete opposite. Once it got down to the final mission, she was running around desperately trying to rip off every single person’s nametag that she could find. If you came within a 5 metre radius of her, she’d immediately start running after you. And in contrast our Giraffe was always cowering in a corner. HILARIOUS.

Today’s episode was also fantastically written – kudos to the very smart Running Man team! The final mission was really interesting. Kwang Soo had 7 name tags, and the rule was that the supporting actors could not eliminate Hyo Jin until they had pulled off all 7 of Kwang Soo’s name tags. She was essentially invincible, which was highly entertaining to watch. To pull off Kwang Soo’s tags, the supporting actors had to look for “death scripts” around the building. Each script gave them a specific line and action to say to Kwang Soo, after which they could tear off one name tag. These scripts were BRILLIANT. They were all iconic lines from K-Dramas over the years, from “Lovers in Paris” to “Pasta” to “Iris”. Excellent, excellent planning! And of course there was a big unknown amidst the above which were the Go Sisters. The PD has placed 2 Go Sisters (parody of legendary producers and writers Hong Sisters) and got them to wander around the building aimlessly. If any of the Running Men cast saw them, they could ask the Go Sisters to write a story which would come into effect immediately.

Those magical rules made the game super fun. And funny! Firstly, it was the dynamics between Kwang Soo and Gong Hyo Jin that really tickled me. She was so aggressive, and he kept wanting to hide 🙂 She kept questioning him as to whether he was trustworthy, and he kept having to plead his case. She kept running after the supporting actors, and he kept running away. Super funny! Secondly, Gong Hyo Jin herself was a pleasure to watch. She’d switch between her ferocious tiger persona, and then suddenly starting to whine to Gwang Soo that she couldnt do anything, she was always the one getting injured, and “Look at my arms…. what can I do???” HAHAHAHA.

Posting some of my pictures of the favourite scenes of Running Man Ep 108 too! Leave a comment and rate my recap too!



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