To The Beautiful You (Korean Drama) Episode 5 LIVE RECAPS


hi everyone!!! Not sure if anyone is interested in reading, I’m thinking of writing Live Recaps for To The Beautiful You tonight since I’m going to be watching it live from the comforts of my sofa. Heehee it’s CPR Kiss day today!

Anyone interested to watch and recap along with me? Would love to have some company! Leave a comment if you’re also watching tonight so we can be together foreverrrr kekeke. Starts at 10pm KST so 30 more minutes to grab our popcorn!

oh guys, check out the “About” page too I really like what this blog is about — for all us crazy drama people to get together and recap our hearts out. Join us here! (

okay starting now!!! whoopee!!! I’ll update as I go so just refresh the page every now and then!

LAST WEEK: Secrets were exposed. Tae Joon (TJ) found out about Jae Hee’s real identity and he tried to drive her away. Very successfully I might add. The episode ended with her taking off with her suitcase.


Flashback — scene starts with TJ remembering the good times he had with Jae Hee (JH). Of her light LED bangles, of her Taejoon presentation, of her determination to stop hiding and to join track to run for herself. Sulli looks wayyyy better with long hair!!! Jae Hee says her goodbyes, says bye to the doggy too — tears are streaming down her face
JH (to doggie) : It’s okay. Live well!

TJ thinks of all the encouragement that JH has given him… and he sprints out of his room…. and stops her. Swooon.

Meanwhile our darling En Gyol is sitting in bed thinking of Jae Hee. Grin. He starts asking his roommate stuff like
EG: Have you ever felt something different towards other guys???
Which promptly really alarms his roommate ahaha

NEXT MORNING JH wakes up looking for TJ but cant find him. Guess where he is… out running! Looks like JH has REVITALISED HIM! He starts high-jumping again too, and fails on his first practise jump. ooh unexpected . I thought he would jump really well and *ding ding* success!!!

QUEUE AT THE TOILET hahaha must-have JH happily goes to the toilet and locks it after her. BUT she ends up putting the other 2 boys in severe difficulty as they squirm and jump about outside the loo waiting to go in… haha

BACK AT SCHOOL JH has a minor slip on the stairs and… EG saves her! haha. looks like his love will only grow deeper and wider. Meanwhile TJ is determined to jump again. He tries to ask his coach again
Coach: Yah, Tae Joon, its not a hobby. It’s not like you jump when you feel like and not jump when you dont feel like it.
TJ tries to explain, but the coach doesnt listen.

TJ WANTS TO JUMP AGAIN. TJ goes to look for his manager and tells her what he thinks. She’s worried and asks him…
Manager: I thought you were tired. Are you sure? Have you given it serious thought? Have you told your father?
Question bombardment! But I guess u would expect nothing less. In the end she gives in to him though

TJ’S GIRLFRIEND ON THE PROWL she does a parkour-esque, Mission Impossible-worthy stealthy climb to TJ’s room to try and spy on him to find out if he’s cheating on her. This was replete with backflips, jumping over railings… amazing! She bumps into JH instead who tries to draw her away

JH’S BROTHER REAPPEARS he realises that JH is lying and gets really angry and storms off wanting to look for the principal’s office. a funny Korean-English scene ensues though!!! kekeke he starts speaking in English and asking for directions to the school office, but the teacher who claims he can “speak English very well” nods his head happily and then turns to JH and asks “huh…. whats he looking for” to which JH says “the toilet! the toilet!” hahahaha. JH then drags her brother off to meet her other teacher whom she begs to help her.

BACK AT THEIR HOUSE JH buys a cake to celebrate that TJ is jumping again – the cake is AWESOME by the way, it has a giant shoe on the top, but JH promptly ruins it by falling and landing with the cake on her face.

EG GOES ON A DATE EG goes on a date with a cute girl who plays the violin, and the two have a good time talking. They talk about what life in America is like, and about music, and hee sooo cute the 2 of them end their date but promise to call each other

SHOWDOWN BETWEEN JH’S BRO AND TEACHER the two of them have a drink… or many drinks rather… and they talk about JH
Teacher: Must you take Jae Hee with you? As her brother, have you ever seen her so passionate before? To kill that passion, is that the right thing to do?
Frankly, if it were me, I’d say YES. and haul my misbehaving little sis back home. BUT this is a manga πŸ™‚

JH STAYS… FOR A WHILE! JH’s big bro actually tells her that she can stay… but only for awhile. He makes her promise to go back together with him. JH agrees reluctantly.

LAUNDRY TIME. EG and JH bump into each other while they are doing laundry. JH starts asking EG “Have you thought about what it’s like to be a girl?” Off goes EG’s imagination wahahahaha

TJ GOES HOME it’s TJ’s mom’s death anniversary, and TJ goes home. His relationship with his dad is reallyyy bad though. In the middle of their dinner, TJ gets up and wants to leave
TJ’s dad: Sit down. I haven’t finished talking
TJ: I have nothing to say. Be well.

TJ AND JH AT THE SWIMMING POOL TJ msgs JH asking her to meet at the swimming pool. She runs off immediately to find him and tells EG hurriedly that she’s going. But… EG bumps into TJ and asks him “Hey, arent you supposed to meet JH at the swimming pool?” TJ immediately finds out something is amiss and TJ and EG run straight to the pool. Turns out that someone pushed JH into the pool! Evil bastard. the two boys see that JH is in the pool and they jump in to try to save her immediately. In the process TJ’s ring drops into the pool though. And of course, since JH is unconscious… CPR IS REQUIRED!!! Cue CPR kiss from TJ! WOOHOO!

NEXT MORNING… Β TJ looks for JH but she isnt there. She’s at the pool … looking for his necklace. (Fully clothed grin) He realises and oooh love this scene he dives into the pool and pulls her out
TJ: Are you an idiot? What were you thinking???
JH: I just wanted to help you find your necklace. It was from your mother. I know how much it meant to you.
Swoon. double triple swooooon. TJ gently pats JH’s hair dry with the towel

TJ JUMPS AGAIN. JH goes to the gym and sees TJ there, jumping time after time, but feeling so frustrated at his failings. She just stands there and watches him…

JH SAYS HER GOODBYES. She packs up all her things, and looks at the shoes that she ran track with (very nice pair of red New Balance shoe if I may add). She bumps into Eungyol and hugs him on impulse and thanks him for making her feel less tired. TJ goes for his competition and when opening his bag, sees the drink and goodbye letter that JH wrote for him. She’s going back, but she wants him to keep going and to live well. JH leaves with her brother………………….


Hmmm. I have mixed feelings about today’s episode. A lot of what happened felt like must haves in order to move the plot along. I didnt think there was that much character development – i was happiest probably to just see more of Min Ho cos he IS SO CUTE! AACK! sorry momentary moment of fangirling πŸ™‚ How about you guys? What do you think about today’s episode?



  1. waterbottle

    ooh are you going to do live recaps for tonight’s episode?

  2. toomuchcaffelatte

    yup I am! I’m going to try it out for today – never done this before im quite excited actually πŸ˜€

  3. Kiran

    I really like dis epi .

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      you do? heehee my favourite moment has to be the CPR KISS! grin. but i have to say that I think I liked last week’s episode more

  4. Anonymous

    thank you for recapping ^^

    im curios about the next.. the story bit different with the dorama.. but love sulli-minho pair up <3..

  5. zahnarzt_erika

    thank you for recapping ^^

    im curios about the next.. the story bit different with the dorama.. but love sulli-minho pair up <3..

  6. toomuchcaffelatte

    @zahnarzt_erika πŸ™‚ you are moooost welcome!!! think I’ll keep on going since some people are reading what I write. hee. Yaay so happy that we can enjoy our dramas together! Please help me spread the word about our wonderful recap world here kekeke

  7. -i realy love watching to the beautifull you πŸ™‚ especialy TJ ❀ ❀ ❀

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