Hi there everyone!

I’m bishbash, or kooriyuki (on soompi). Everytime I watch a drama, I feel the itch to comment, or recap, but I’m ALWAYS too lazy to take screencaps, and I can’t write as funnily as HeadsNo2 or as eloquent as dramabeans. So I’m really grateful to goldfishgee for starting this blog for us to write, no restrictions!

I watch various genres of dramas, but horrors are a no-no for me (scaredy cat I am). Am currently watching Haeundae Lovers, Faith, Gaksitaaaaaaaaaal, Arang and the Magistrate, To the Beautiful You, Five Fingers, Standby, Answer Me 1997.

I have a tumblr site, which I used to try to update as much as I can, but as mentioned above, I’m totally lazy with taking screencaps =X So it’s updated sporadically.

Do comment about which drama YOU would like to be recapped, and I’ll post as often as I can!


About kooriyuki

if real world is like kdramaland, i'd have been 1) a psychotic serial murderer, or 2) megalomaniac. or both.


  1. goldfishgee

    OMO! you are watching Gaksital??? Is it ending soon???
    this is for very selfish reasons but I REQUEST GAKSITAL!!! i watched some episodes here and there and loved loved LOVED IT but then TTBY started, as well as Arang, and it was too much to keep up with.
    Would LOVE to read your recaps on Gaksital!!!!!

  2. haha i think dramabeans and girlfriday do a much better job @ recapping Gaksital!
    yup it’s ending next week, which is a good thing coz i don’t think my heart can take it any longer…

  3. Tory

    @bishbash ohhh yeah dramabeans rocks but hee hearing your point of view is cool too!!! Or you can do Live Recaps which would be AWESOME-O. heee 🙂

    • ok then i’ll cover Gaksitaaaaaaaaal for this remaining 2 weeks 🙂 But live recaps are kinda difficult coz i think i’ll die in the midst of watching and typing LOL

      • goldfishgee

        WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just saw this bishbash you are going to do live recaps of Gaksital???!!!
        ohhhhhh MUACKS yaaaay! oh yah i know what you mean keke thats why i like reading live recaps though, I wrote one once and damn it I was wiping away my tears while writing the recap sooo ridiculous, but also it felt sooo good to get my emotions out in the drama too.

        Gaksital FIGHTING!

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