Arang and the Magistrate Episode 5 Recap

hi guys! I thought I’d try recapping for Arang, because to be honest, I think this drama is HELL AWESOME (pun intended) and gets way less credit than it deserves. Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki are absolutely slaying the chemistry between them, and I’m like the supporting actors as well. And above all, the plot is strong. Characters dont randomly do things with weak rationale, and while some of it is a bit lame and cliched (swapping a life of poverty by being a killer…. been there done that), the cliches dont keep me away. It’s partly because of the strong acting, but also partly because of how the story unfolds. Only thing is that I have to say I’m not that big a fan of Joo Wol (played by Yeon Woo-Jin). His character seems a bit flat, and I dunno just not that believable. But maybe I’m making too hasty a judgement. All I can say is I’m going to stick around a while more for this drama!

Here’s my recap – also peeps this blog is meant to be a group effort, I love writing AND reading recaps so anyone who’s been bitten by the drama bug, join us in building our world of recaps!!!


EO peeks up A’s hanbok and gets a SHRIEK and a SLAP!


EO saves A and checks on her, only to discover her superhuman Wolverine healing abilities


Evil Lady needs to eat some souls… munch munch

DS gets tricked by BW!


Searching the mountains for A’s mysterious body dumping ground


EO finds his mother’s hairpin… covered in blood…

Arang (A)
Eun-Oh (EO)
Dol Swe (DS)
Bang Wool (BW)
Joo Wol (JW)


Starts with EO striding purposefully away, with DS running speedily after him. DS starts accusing him of ignoring the proper funeral rites BECAUSE OF A GIRL. haha this bromance is killing me its hilarious — though I have to say the bromance is slightly one-sided. DS accuses EO of “infidelity” and starts bombarding him with questions
DS: How could you have a woman that I don’t even know about? I don’t even know if I can consider as betrayal… When did you meet her? Where did you meet her? What else is there that I dont know of?
EO replies by…. running off really fast. AHAHA

EO runs home and sees A sitting there, with all fake innocence intact. EO starts saying “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Where is ur clothing? Where” and he starts to manhandle her (naughty boy) and starts to lift up her hanbok to see her…. BARE LEGS! ahhh! and of course, by instinct, A slaps him. PIAK! kekeke its too funny. EO starts asking for the hairpin that A had, and she says that she left it in the underworld (cos she cldnt come back with anything). He gets mighty pissed and starts yelling at her
EO: What do you mean it’s just a hairpin? To me, it was worth more than you evil spirit?
A: Evil spirit? I told you, I am human now!
The two get into a roaring argument, with each person stabbing knives into the other’s most sensitive spots. A starts  to talk about what EO did to his mother, and accuses him of driving his mother away because of his own words. EO accuses her of not knowing what it is to be a human, to have a soul. Sigh. But chemistry between the two leads is really really phenomenal. EO runs off in anger and starts punching a tree, while A stays in the house crying. Cue flashbacks – EO remembers what he had said to his mom, and his childhood “I wish I never had a mother like you!” and his hand bleeds from all his tree-pummeling. A sits alone, thinking as well. Random scene cut to JW, who’s looking at a picture of A dressed as a soldier and is deep in thought.

The next day!!! EO goes to look for A and she has eyebags galore and basically looks like hell.
EO: huh! what happened to you? Why do u look like that?”
A: now that I am human, this is what happens when I cant sleep. My head hurts, I can’t see clearly… do I really look that bad?
She is ADORABLE. EO laughs, and yesterday’s prickly tension dissipates. The two sit and start talking to each other. EO explains to her that the hairpin that she had belonged to his mother. A is shocked… she has no idea why that happened. EO explains that he thinks that the secret behind his mother’s disappearance lies in A’s memory, and that her death probably has a connection to his mother’s disappearance. The timelines fit perfectly, as Lee Seo Rim’s death and EO’s mom’s disappearance happened almost at the identical time. EO says “Let’s work together.” A is hesitant though… and hurt, I think, most of all. She starts talking to herself
A: Joining forces??? Yeah that sounds great. But what if he just uses me to find his mother and leaves???
Hmmm. I’ll bet A has had many heartbreaks in her life too…

A walks purposefully off but gets stopped by 3 bumbling officials that were greedily plotting how much fame/money they’d get by being Lord Choi’s lackeys. They see A and stop her asking where she’s off to and why she has permission to walk anywhere. Cue A’s pertinence! She strides up to them and says “I have permission from THE MAGISTRATE. THE MAGISTRATE! And why do I need permission to walk around, I walk around wherever my feet want to go!” She starts air-kicking as well to demonstrate the power her feet have. Grin I LOVE SHIN MIN AH.

Back to EO and DS. EO tells DS that they have to stay awhile longer, and DS gets all emotional. “Why are we staying? It’s because of that girl right? How can that girl be more important than me?” Wahahaha. Jealousyyyyy. EO announces to the 3 idiot officials that he will be staying, and that there would be a girl too whom he says is his master’s daughter. DS hears this and gets alllll agitated. hahahaha. I’m laughing out loud at my screen as i type this.
DS: That quack master???? The one that was up on the hills? The one that kept you there for a year? To find you, I searched all over the country till my feet were all blistered and sore. My knees hurt so much that now when it rains I can still feel it.

DS strides off all pissed, saying “Because of that idiot girl, he destroyed our 15 year relationship!” kekeke. Cue the appearance of a fake shaman who wants to earn his money. heehee. DS makes a perfect candidate for BW’s shams. She asks if he wants to see more of his future, and gullible DS takes out money to give to her. But BW gives the wrong advice… hehehe she tells him that his master will die which gets DS all riled off and he calls her a quack bitch and runs off trying to smack her. Heehee.

A is back at her home thinking about what EO said to her earlier, about joining forces. She starts talking to herself, trying to convince herself that working with EO is the best possible solution. Ahhh blossoming romance, I smell your lovely fragrance! It’s a full moon night though (eeks bad things always happen on full moon nights) A goes to find EO and tells him that she agrees, that they should join forces. EO is happy 🙂 and proposes that they make a promise together and whips out 2 peaches from within his hanbok thingey. ahaha. Its a pun on words, the phrase for promise sounds like “Bok Sung Ah” which means peaches. A takes his peach and ohhh she is sooo amazed that she can firstly actually hold the peach, and secondly, eat the peach. Yaay to being human! hahaha. As she eats her peach, she asks EO “Were you always a mummy’s boy? Everything you says is Mummy this Mummy that… has it been always this way?” hahahaha before EO has time to retort she happily munches her yummy peach and walks away.

Scene cut to JW. He talks to the mysterious woman who asks if everything is ready. She says that she has a good feeling this time round. Yikes. Good feelings from bad people = bad feelings for good people. Heehee.

Scene cut to EO. He’s reminiscing about the past, when he went to look for his mom after being bullied at school, and his mom goes well crazy. She starts talking about how that day is the death anniversary of her father mother cousins uncles… everyone basically. All because of “THAT GUY” hmmm. She gets more and more agitated, talking about how she will rip that guy into pieces, and finally faints from her nerves. EO cant help shedding a couple of tears as he recalls this scene.

Back at the house.. A is asleep, and an intruder dressed in black steals into her room and sees her sleeping. He pulls out a knife (a very pretty knife) and as he’s about to stab her, A says “Peaches… are sweet…” and licks her lips. He pauses momentarily but still stabs her in the heart. He sticks a yellow talisman paper on her (which disappears into her skin) and tries to carry her away. Meanwhile this debacle gets the attention of the gods above. Hmmm. Gods, do something! Stop playing that string instrument and ‘Go’!

EO gets suspicious cos he hears some noises and goes to check on A. He realises that A’s gone, and sees blood on her  sheets… fresh blood. (Grin if it were me I would have thought ooh time for a tampon advertisement! But anyway jokes aside) EO runs after the blood trail after he realises that something has gone very very wrong. He cant find A though, and shouts out loud for her “Memory Loss!!!!”

Mysterious intruder carries A to a house in the woods. He finally takes of his mask (no prizes for guessing) and its JW. He’s amazed at A and touches her face in disbelief. He starts reminiscing too
Lady to JW: From now on, your name is Choi Joo Wal.
Little JW smiles
Lady to JW: During a full moon in every leap month, you need to bring a girl with a pure soul to me… The ring will help you identify whom a girl with a pure soul is.

Evil lady appears and is unveiled… AHHH she’s EO’s mom! She licks her lips after finding out that A has the soul of a newborn baby. Ewww. JW leads evil lady to A, only to find out that A has disappeared from the room. SHOCKED FACE.  I am shocked too A got stabbed straight in the heart… wth… Ahh flashback. I think its the Gods above at work, who finally decided to stop playing their instruments and their games. Evil lady gets mighty pissed. JW tries to find A, and runs off into the woods in desperation. A is desperately trying to flee too, but she’s in severe pain. Suddenly someone grabs her from behind and she struggles but realises that it’s EO. She tries to explain, but eventually loses unconsciousness. EO carries her back to safety, but is confused and has no idea what is happening. A is out stone cold.

JW cant find A and goes back to report to Evil Lady and gets slapped. Twice. Whee many slaps this episode! JW is clearly freaked out though and doesnt know how the corpse managed to escape. Ms Evil calls him a useless bastard and threatens to take everything from him and return him to being a sickly little kid. He falls to his knees… JW had traded his life as a poor little kid when he was young, for a future of success and everything he wanted… but nothing comes for free. In exchange, he had to do the evil work of Mrs Evil. Sighhh. Poor JW! I feel bad for him actually 😦

The next day, EO realises how hurt A is… and he gets worried. He checks on her though and finds out that hmmm… her wounds have pretty much healed. Hmm. I am intrigued too. In the village, BW starts her sham fortune-telling early in the morning, while DS wakes up from sleeping drunk overnight at the alcohol store. DS walks back home and… bumps into BW! He starts to interrogate her… “What you said yesterday… is it true????” While chasing after BW, DS gets accidentally splashed with water. Next scene is hilarious. DS has a slow-motion water splashing scene where his hairless manly chest is revealed and… BW takes a big gulp… and falls in lusty love with DS. Ahahaha. DS also conveniently forgets how pissed he is with BW after getting splashed and strides away to change his clothes.

DS reappears… just when he sees EO coming out from A’s room. His eyes WIDEN. wahahhahahaha.
DS: What is that quack doing in that room? You two… slept together???
EO: Yes.
hahahahaha. its technically true that they did sleep together grin. EO drags DS away to comb the mountains together with him. The two of them find the house on the mountain where A was brought to last night (is it a house? I dont know what you call it. A little hut probably) They open the door to the hut, and EO sees that there is blood on the bed.
EO: It’s strange… there are no ghosts here… even though the yin energy is so thick.
EO starts looking around for anything suspicious, but DS is scared shitless and squats outside the hut in fear. EO keeps investigating, and keeps trying to find a logical answer for what happened to A. While searching around the hut, he finds….. THE HAIRPIN….

end of the episode.

Hmmm. I liked this episode loads. The growing tension between EO and A is nothing short of fantabulous. All in favour of this couple say AYE! I am also loving the side romances between DS and EO, and DS and BW. Hee. The water drenched slow-motion DS scene where he whips his hair around and earns the big lusty gulps from BW was definitely one of my favourite scenes. but I keep to what I said above… I wish JW’s character could be developed more. For this drama to hook me, I want to feel and sympathise for all the main characters, be they good or evil, and I think JW has great potential but for now, he feels a bit too cliched. A however has completely succeeded. I love the way she cherishes every human moment, and her moments of doubt and uncertainty, and her impertinence. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Readers, anyone… are you guys getting hooked on to Arang too? Recap along with us here, or leave a comment! MUACKS.





  1. vxgl

    thanks for the recap toomuchcaffelatte!!! i really like ur style — and i have to agree with what you said about Arang and the Magistrate. Loving this drama now, I think its the best of the drama crop at the moment. Keep up the lovely lovely recaps please!

  2. anastasia

    Please continue recapping please….i just cant get enough of this drama. I looove it made me feel likebthe princess man.

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