To The Beautiful You (Korean Drama) Episode 6 Live Recaps

hi darlings!!! It’s me again ๐Ÿ™‚ ooh I didnt expect that anyone would read my live recaps so… pleasantly surprised! If you are here please please LEAVE A COMMENT! I want to improve my writing style too, so any comments you give would be much appreciated! I’m part of the lovely recap family here at, so if you are itching to write about your fav dramas, or you just have something you want to say about your favourite TV shows, please come JOIN US!!!

i’m going to start the live recap of Episode 6 in a bit (10pm KST) … running to the loo first keke… my many loyal readers (i know, it’s all in my head heehee) please help me spreaaad the word!!! Let everyone know of our wonderful recaps hereeeeee….. heehee see you all in a bit!

TOO MANY ADS. When is it gonna start…. *drums fingers*
Quick Summary: TaeJoon (TJ) has renewed his determination to jump again after being inspired by JaeHee (JH), but its a bit too late as JH’s handsome oppa sweeps her away back home…


JH HEADS TO THE AIRPORT JH and her oppa are in the taxi off to the airport, but JH cant stop thinking of TJ. (i know, i’d feel the same cos bloody hell TJ is a cutie pie keke)

BACK AT SCHOOL – the boys are jumping again! wow I think they got some real jumpers to be body doubles they have excellent form and they’re looking really pro as they jump. The height is now set at 2m 15cm and… HyunJae (HJ) CLEARS IT! ooh TJ is up next… arms swinging,… and…. his ass hits the bar…. and he fails… ahhhh saaaad.

JH CHEERS TJ UP – TJ prepares for his next jump and at this opportune moment, JH runs in and says “TJ FIGHTING!!!” He does the pump fist thing back at her and gets ready for the jump and…………….. HE MAKES IT!!!!! *cue dramatic moving music* JH managed to appear again due to her oppa’s kindness. Grin.
Oppa to JH: When you’re tired, when you’re hurting… you need a friend. TJ needs a friend like that now.
And with that off she goes running to the rescue!!! woot! JH’s bro gives her his blessings to stay in Seoul too. heehee. JH goes to congratulate TJ and he smiles, oh so sweetly… swoon… sorry darlings forgive my drooling. heehee. TJ happily wags his foot to JH as well and shows her his swanky shoelace courtesy of her. Hee!

LOCKER ROOM – the boys are in the locker room, and HyunJae bitterly congratulates TJ
HJ: 2m 30 cm…. when did you manage to clear that height? ha. congratulations…
Conflict gets detracted cos HJ gets an interview request though.

LOVE TRIANGLE – Han-na is waiting for TJ, and sees JH and starts questioning her. She whips out the LED bracelet thingy that she found at TJ’s room
H: This… this belongs to a girl right? Who is she? Tell me!!!
TJ appears though (very timely! save the day! JH sucks at lying!) and makes some excuse, saying those are not couple bracelets, but that it was bought in bulk. haha. buy 1 get 1 free, maybe??? Grin

EG AND JH DO LAUNDRY AGAIN why do the 2 of them always do laundry together??? I dont understand. And I am momentarily really distracted by JH’s awesome sweatshirt. It’s a Batman grey sweatshirt super cool – I want that sweatshirt! EG shows her some pictures of his sunbae (senior) cross-dressing and the two share some giggles. Meanwhile… TJ is in his room, doing push-ups. How manly. I like TJ’s shirt too damn the fashion in this show is distracting me. He looks at the clock (it’s only 10pm) and starts to get worried…
TJ: Where is she??? What time is it? Where could she be?
TJ walks out to find her and awkwardly bumps into JH who asks him “Where are you going???” heehee time for him to mumble up some excuse.

JH BECOMES A GIRL JH is in class and is talking to this guy who is wearing a dragonfly necktie pin. whaaat! weird fashion again. JH gets pulled out of the classroom again by Seung-Ri who starts asking her really weird questions
SR: Are you a guy? What do you think it means to be a guy?
After a bout of weird questions, he finally pulls out a picture of JH with marker-ed on long hair and says
SR: JH, a man needs to do what a man needs to do. Can you be a girl just this one time???
She flees in shock. hahahahaha. I would too, at erm the stupidity of my fellow male classmates. wahahahaha.

EG’S DATE EG’s date goes well… she even cuts his hamburger for him! Sweetness! I think the two make a cute couple heehee I like EG more and more.

TJ IS DOING HIS PULL-UPS heee looks like the directors really know what we want. TJ is in mid-pull up and JH leans down to talk to him and their heads come close and…. oh! sparks! the two of them get really alarmed at their proximity and JH leans backwards in alarm and bangs her head and TJ slips off his makeshift pull-up bar. ahhhh. young love young love!

TJ TRAINS TJ starts running and JH runs with him armed with 2 battery-operated fans, which are designed to cool him. Hmmm. she ends up hitting TJ’s nose with one of her battery-operated fans. ๐Ÿ˜ wish you guys could see my expression now. In mid-run, TJ notices SR training some other athletes, and looks at them wistfully… i know whats going to happen now!!! JH is going to agree to act as a “girl” in return for SR helping TJ. ahhhh. The predictability of a manga turned into a drama heehee

JH’S LOVE GIFT – JH and EG go to the supermarket, and JH tries some lemons and gets sold on the health benefits by the supermarket ahjumma. Happens to me more often than I care to admit, so JH… I’m a sucker too!!! hee. She makes some special lemon honey health snack for him and labels it “Flying TaeJoon” She puts it alongside his pile of love gifts from his fans, but of course… TJ only notices her lemon honey thing and eats one. Actually I would too. Lemons are really expensive in Korea! heehee.

TJ KNEELS TJ is training alone at the gym, and in comes his coach. ok, ex-coach I correct myself. TJ asks his coach for his help again, and … he kneels before his coach. WOW. That’s a pretty big deal, cos well… TJ is not exactly the kneeling kind I think we can all agree on that! Side trivia: did you guys notice that all their sporting attire has velcro stuck on them? Cos I think only New Balance is the official sponsor. TJ was wearing a skintight Nike shirt, but half of the white tick was velcroed away. keke. Coach was wearing an Adidas sweater too, but the bottom half of the Adidas sygnia was also velcro-ed away. heee. sorry useless information from me!

FUN FAIR DAY! The students have to help raise funds at the fun fair and JH gets stuck wearing the big cat funny suit. She has to run to the restroom though, and EG offers to help her out and puts on the suit momentarily. TJ comes to give the catsuit person a drink though, thinking that it was JH in the suit. EG’s cute friend comes to see him though and ย EG gets interrogated as a result.
TJ to EG: Who’s that? Your girlfriend?
EG: No… it’s my friend
TJ: But she’s a girl… so she’s your girlfriend
EG: No!
heeehee. But an introspective moment happens… EG looks over to his girl, and sees JH sitting next to her… and he cant help but to keep looking at JH instead of at his girl… oh dear my poor boy. Sigh. EG and his girl have a moment together, and she suddenly bursts out talking about football. Turns out she’s quite the little expert! And she gives him a present too – it’s his soccer boots! She asks him though “So… what are we now?” He looks at her, doesnt say anything, but gets up holds out his hand and says… “Let’s go!” Hee they walk off holding hands happily together! Sweetness!

PERFORMANCE TIME! hahaha the boys are all competing as to who can be the best girl. But… erm… I’m guessing no one will win the girl though. It’s hilarious, there’s a wannabe cross-dressing ballet dancer (who covers his armpit hair while doing pirouettes), a kungfu cross-dressing Chinese babe, a breakdancing angel kekeke. JH gets given a costume and a wig. And also bread, to stuff her chest with (cos she has no boobies) It was so funny though, the MC came to give her the bread/boobies and she asked him “What’s that for?” And he had to tell her it was for her boobies. JH is changing, and in mid-change her clothes get stolen! YA! stop sabotaging her you stupid boys JH is stuck naked in the room without clothes, and starts to panic. She turns the lights off… but its only a matter of time. TJ finds out JH’s sabotager (it’s the bathroom fight guy) and confronts him. How Manly! Love! My heart beats for MinHO! And TJ somehow mysteriously finds the key to the locked door and slips JH her clothes. She knows its him though and says oh-so-gratefully “Thank you… Gang Tae Joon…” JH is all dressed and ready and woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh out comes the only girl who is trying to be a girl! hellooooo Sulli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the boys are all stunned. YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT EG’S FACE WAHAHAHA. OMO. She is going to sing now! WOOT! She starts to sing and…. HOW CAN THE IDIOT BOYS NOT KNOW SHE’S A GIRL?! okay sorry guys dont throw eggs at me but this is getting erm… a bit too difficult to believe. YIKES! JH JUST WINKED AT EG! I think he’s gotten bitten by the love bug. AHAHA this is too funny.

TJ SEES GIRLY JH he’s training in the gym (where else can he be) ย and she goes to find him to thank him. She thanks TJ and he asks her… how did you know who it was? JH says “I recognised your hand” so sweet. hee. TJ shyly hides his hand. TJ reaches out to JH to remove confetti in her hand… sweetness! JH gets ready to leave but in doing so, her heels trip over something on the floor and oh oh oh she trips and the box of confetti she is holding flies into the air and she falls…………………. INTO TAEJOON’S ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They collapse onto the mat, with JH falling into TJ’s arms, and all the while this romantic scene is caught by EG and Ha-na.

and the episode ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ohhhh i am dying I am dying anyone else out there watching with me?! I know, this show is all cliched and stuff but I DONT CARE I STILL LOVE IT!!! heehee loved loved loved today’s episode. There was the hilarious cross-dressing bit, the satisfying TJ clears the high jump barrier because his darling JH was there to cheer him on, EG falling deeply in love from JH’s wink…. kekeke its cliched, but heehee the funny scenes and the yummy yummy MinHo makes up for it! I’m liking Sulli more and more too – I found her a bit annoying in the beginning, but now… I’m okay. heehee. maybe MinHo distracted me too much WAHAHA. my darling fellow TTBY fans, how bout you guys? What did you think of today’s episode?



  1. Tory

    ohhhh thank you so much for this caffelatte!!! i’m looking forward to the cross-dressing bit wahaha

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      kekeke you are sooo welcome Tory! yah the cross-dressing performance was my favourite SUPER FUNNY! hahahaha

  2. Anonymous

    Love your recaps! Sounds exactly me when I’m watching something and betting I’d havethe same observations as you did (partially coverred logos, why nobody is suspicious that JH is a girl etc hahhaha). I watch dramas to relax and TTBY is it! Hope to see more of your entertaining recaps, toomuchcaffelatte! Take carex

  3. dianne

    wow…thanx 4 ur awesome recaps..didn’t know abt this until now…i’ll b waiting for the next one….:)

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      HELLO DIANNE!!! Thank you so much for your comments! yeahhh I’m loving this show ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont know if I’ll be able to do live recaps for this week though as I am going on a family holiday (yaay!), but I’ll def do a recap at least!

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