The Big Bang Theory – Season 2, Episode 11: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

This is by far my most favourite episode of TBBT. I’ve been watching an average of 3 episodes a day and I absolutely love this sitcom! Sheldon (the smartest and biggest nerd of all) is super funny. This is TBBT’s Christmas episode and Sheldon freaks out when Penny tells him that she has a Christmas gift for him. To him Penny has given him an obligation to purchase an item of equal value that will correctly represent their relationship. He brings Howard and Raj shopping for gifts at a bath store. The next scene shows Howard and Raj balancing multiple bath gift sets into the flat. Sheldon’s plan is to receive Penny’s gift, pretend that he has to go to the bathroom, open the gift, check the value, and pull out the gift set that is comparable to the gift Penny has given him.

I’ve skipped the other parts of the episode on Penny’s short relationship with a suave physicist – cos my favourite part is the Christmas story.

Anyway, the next scene is Christmas day and Penny comes with her gifts. Sheldon thinks he’s prepared for Penny’s gift. Before he opens it, he gives Penny a heads up that he has a bit of a “digestive distress” and he might run off to the bathroom, and she should not be alarmed. He opens the gift and it is a napkin signed off by Leonard Nimoy – the guy who played Spock in Star Trek – Sheldon is his greatest fan. The autograph is addressed to Sheldon. Sheldon’s reaction is hilarious when he further finds out that the Leonard Nimoy wiped his mouth with the napkin: “Do you realize what this means to me? I have Leonard Nimoy’s DNA! All I need is an ovum and I can clone my own Leonard Nimoy!” then he goes “be right back”. The next scene shows him carrying all the gift sets out and giving them to Penny. And Penny goes “Sheldon, what have you done?” and Sheldon goes “I know, it’s not enough.” And he proceeds to give Penny an awkward but sweet hug (Note: Sheldon has issues giving hugs, and we’ve never seen him give hugs to anyone.” The episode ends with Penny saying “Leonard, Sheldon’s hugging me!”

Aww what a sweet and awesome Sheldon episode.


One comment

  1. Tory

    hahaha. i like the line “All i need is an ovum” hahahaha that’s so Sheldon!

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