The Mentalist Season 4

I’ve just finished watching Season 4 of the Mentalist, and I just have to say… it is excellent. I was starting to twiddle my thumbs midway through the Season cos well… after awhile Patrick Jane (the lead) does the same tricks one time too many.

But as I got through the episodes, and started to get towards the end of the Season 4, I started to love the show again. I love it cos it’s more than just TV. Especially in Episode 23, when Jane realises whom the real killer is in his murder case – and the guy is pure evil. He lies blatantly, and he killed his victim in the most cruel way possible (leaving him to die alive in a coffin), and he steals money as well. To catch him and to force a confession, Jane buries him alive. Gives him a taste of his own medicine basically. And as a result, Patrick Jane gets fired.

But in the midst of getting fired, Jane asks some really pertinent questions. He asks “Isn’t that the point? Catching the bad guys? Isnt this job all about catching the bad guys?” And he probes and asks aloud… what’s right? What’s wrong? Why can’t we stop what’s wrong so that what’s right can continue? How can everything just be legal or illegal?

It’s so true. Yes, the justice system we have is supposed to protect us. But we all know that having a good lawyer means ALOT. We all know that good people sometimes have bad things happen to them. But until you are actually caught in a situation you dont want to be in… what should be right and what should be wrong?

I’m happy for shows like The Mentalist. TV is more than just a way to cure boredom. TV can be a way to shape the world!


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