Running Man Episode 109 Recap – Olympics Episode!

Running Man Episode 109 with the Korean Olympics stars Park Tae Hwan and Yon Seon Jae!

ohhh this episode was popular in Korea cos it was starring 2 of the nation’s most popular athletes! Park Tae Hwan is the National Hero Swimming Boy – man, he’s on the TV all the time! Adverttising aircon, microwaveable rice, beer… I dunno what else. grin. And Yon Seon Jae… omo during Olympic season, every TV on the bus would play her gymnastics routine NON-STOP. The boys bicker over how they should call Park Tae Hwan (what level of formality…) heehee funny. Son Yeon Jae appears and… hahahaha the boys all run towards her, leaving Park Tae Hwan behind πŸ˜€ The boys make fun of haha as well since he just announced his marriage plans (to Byul, a singer) and so Son Yeon Jae is HANDS OFF for him! kekeke. Yeon Jae is really cute, she even mentions of how Ha Ha didnt give her his autograph when she was in elementary school. They split into three teams
Team 1: Son Yeon Jae, Jae Suk, Gwang Soo
Team 2: Park Tae Hwa, Gary, Jong Kook
Team 3: Ji Hyo, Haha, Hyung Jin

off they go to their first mission at the Amusement Park! ooh looks interesting. There’s a water ball and water mat, and a giant trampoline with a mike at the top. The games START! Team 1 goes first, and they start bouncing on the trampoline, and singing a song “Apgujeong Nal Lari” while bouncing, oh and of course with dance moves too. Looks pretty exhausting actually, after they finish the 3 of them are EXHAUSTED. they get a total of 61. Hmmm time for Team 2. woahhhh Park Tae Hwan can reallyyyy jump, he gets super close to the mike! Team 2 gets 77! haha time for Team 1 to try again. HaHa runs over in the middle and says “Whats going on on your side? The staff is not laughing even once here…” Big Nose Hyung also thingks that their hopes of getting airtime are dismal. Grin. They start showing Team 3 in action and they are hilariously HOPELESS. HaHa is stuck in the plastic ball trying to run across and he looks like he’s moving 1 cm at a time. wahaha. Team 1 and 2 are exhausted too, and Park tae Hwan blurts “I’d rather swim 1500 m than do this) Team 1 tries again and they wait for their score Olympic style and give kisses to the camers hahahaha its too funny… and their score is… 32. ahahaha. Team 2 is up! its soooo funny, while Team 2 is bouncing away and dancing Jaesuk and Kwangsoo are their backup daners in the backgroun hahahahha. Team 2 passes with a score of 80! On to the next game for them. Team 1 has to try again and passes, finally! Time for Park Tae hwan to try out the waterball and he is… hopeless too. grin. He keeps somersaulting about in the ball its really funny. His team mates are shouting “What are you doing??? You’re hardly moving. You’re a gold medallist” And Team 1 starts singing Park Tae Hwan’s theme song “King of the Sea” as he slowly clambers out of the waterball. Jaesuk takes on the waterball now, with an inventive sideways tumble. KwangSoo swiftly paddles on his watermat over to Yeonjae to get her and while paddling back, gets splashed in the face non-stop by her wahaha. Meanwhile it’s Team 3’s turn to do the trampoline karaoke thing and they VERY CLEVERLY hoist JiHyo up to be close to the mike and sing like that. Except that midway through the song they switch and HaHa becomes the one standing on the shoulders of Ji Hyo and Suk Jin o_O keke their strategy WORKS though and they end up in first place!!! hahaha as they leave Suk Jin says to them “Let’s continue to win first place. Cos otherwise I think we wont get any air time.” πŸ˜€ As a prize for winnning first, they get to choose to either make their nametags smaller, or to make someone’s nametag bigger. They choose to make Park Tae Hwan’s nametag bigger! haha I like the big nametags they make me giggle.

They all arrive at the next destination, Uldeongbu Budaejigae Street!!! Budaejigae is a famous Korean food that is basically a ramen stew with sausages and other stuff. But they each have an empty soup base, and they have to play a Korean version of marbles to get ingredients. It’s Kwangsoo against Park Tae Hwan. everytime Park Tae Hwan wants to make a move, he gets intense instructions from his teammates who keep fighting among each other hahahaha. Tae Hwan wins the giraffe! Sausages go to Tae Hwan and team. Next up is Ha Ha vs TaeHwan. Gary and Jongkook are shouting instructions nonstop at the sidelines grin apparently it works as TaeHwan wins HaHa! Next up is JaeSuk against TaeHwan, and…. Tae Hwan wins again!!! and does a really strange celebratory dance πŸ™‚ Like some flapping big bird that keeps clapping. kekekeke. As a result, Park Tae Hwan and team eat a complete meal of Budaejigae, while poor Team 1 and 3 eat… side dishes.

They go off to the next destination, and on the way TaeHwan talks about his disqualification in the Olympics and how he successfully appealed it. “With hope and strength of mind, thats what we need to win” They head to the indoor skating rink and its FILLED with people!!! Hee everyone in Korea is flush from the Olympics and so having SonYeonJae (SYJ) and Park Tae Hwan (PTH) there means everyone comes out in droves. Its time for them to play human curling! Jongkook comes over to yell at them and in the process, slips and falls right in the middle of the rink. wahahahhaa. This human curling game is really funny. Each member gets into a bucket and gets pushed like the pucks in curling. Team 3 ends up winning Team 1! Now its Team 2 vs Team 3. ahahaha Team 2 is super funny. Before they do anything, they spend AGES strategising. PTH is hilarious. He gets heckled for taking everything too seriously and he mock bursts out “It’s because I have too many regrets from the Olympics!!!” hahahha. JongKook has really found his soulmate in PTH they discuss endlessly before every single thing they do πŸ™‚ Team 3 wins (woot!) and they choose to enlarge Jongkook’s nametag.

Next mission! They have to look for water bottles and exchange it for a mysterious XX item. KwangSoo finds the first bottle!!! For finally finding the bottle, KwangSoo is smiling non-stop hahaha. They go to change their blue magic potion from the wicked witch (Shakespeare style haha) and what comes out is… a giant nametag for KwangSoo. AHAHAHHA. HaHa finds the red potion, and brings it to the wicket witch. This time, what he gets is wayyy better. If he gets eliminated, what happens is a person of his choice will get eliminated instead of him. Ooh. NICE. He chooses PTH, but gets told that “Sorry, PTH is out of stock.” huh?! What does that mean??? Has someone found the red potion already? Haha chooses again, and this time he chooses,,, Yoo Jae Suk! But all this time, there’s someone quietly listening outside and its none other than JaeSuk! When he learns that his name is called he starts muttering to himself angrily and runs off.

hahahaha. Running Man for this week ended here!!!! ooh cant wait for next week’s episode!




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