Gaksital Finale Thoughts

Yes, the epic Gaksital finally ended 5 minutes ago, bringing an end to a long ride of 4 months. I anticipated new episodes every week, though of late, I dread watching because Shunji is getting crazier every episode, and Kangto getting more careless. But I couldn’t contain the excitement for the last episode, and I dare say it’s not beyond expectations and I find it apt.

I belong to the minor camp of do-not-really-care-about-lovelines. So naturally I was expecting Mok Dan to be killed off eventually, because as someone put it in Soompi, Shunji and Kangto can never recouncil their differences should she remain alive. The premise of Gaksital is of a man so disillusioned with his own country, who eventually become the hero, the beacon of hope to his fellow countrymen, fighting the invaders. It is also a story of two dear friends who ended up having to fight each other. Essentially, it’s more of bromance than romance.

Anyway, the death toll in Gaksital is so high, it made me feel like I was watching The Princess Man, circa 1930s. Just that that drama was a romance story to begin with, and historical events being weaved in, and Gaksital is the other way round. I just want to say, sometimes sacrifice has to be made for the bigger picture, even in dramas. And Mok Dan already made her cryptic prediction of protecting Kangto till the end. Sometimes true love doesn’t have to be physcially around us all the time.

All in all, it’s an ending befitting the series, though I have to say I did feel it was a tad rushed. The last scene was full of patriotic symbolism; that the Joseon people will keep fighting to reclaim their motherland, that everyone is Gaksital in their own ways.


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  1. toomuchcaffelatte

    ohhh u are lucky to belong to the do-not-really-care-about-lovelines camp… DEVASTATED that mok dan died πŸ˜₯

    • Haha, of course it is sad, but like I mentioned, I already saw it coming.

      Anyway, I think we need to promote this blog more! =X

      • toomuchcaffelatte

        yeahhh I agree!!! actually I’ve told some Soompi-ers about our blog but so far not that strong a response 😦 saaaad. What do you think we should do?

        • it’d be better if we can recap dramas that no one’s covering yet. actually i think the live recap of TTBY is gd. im planning to do A 1000th Man, but currently im quite busy with work =X
          and where’s goldfishgee?

          • toomuchcaffelatte

            thank you! yeah i saw from the blog stats that TTBY gets quite good numbers, but I’m sad that no one seems to want to write recaps with us! I just read goldfishgee’s Running Man posts keke quite funny maybe I’ll drop her a msg too. hope work gets better for you!!!

          • goldfishgee

            wow hello guys! just happened to see this train of comments hello!!! *wave* we just got one more new member to our team I’m so excited πŸ˜€
            A 1000th Man sounds good kooriyuki! I’m thinking of maybe doing Nice Guy but I havent followed it so far. Now I’m recapping Running Man and I think I’ll start recapping White Collar too (US drama) I agree, boosting our page is so important! I’m thinking of reaching out to other drama recap bloggers to see if we can work together what do you think? like dramabeans, koala’s playground, kdramachoa etc

  2. scrunchie

    i watched gaksital too…. cried my eyeballs out πŸ˜₯

  3. lamsquared

    i agree i was expecting mok dan to die from the very beginning. there wouldn’t have been a clear resolution in the drama without her death. i started to dread the later episodes too. by the 20th ep, everything was starting to feel repeatitive to me. and shunji’s insanity was making me insane as well. but i’m actually rlly happy with the ending of the drama. i never thought of comparing to the princess’ man but you’re right they’re almost the same. but for me, the princess’ man still hails as my all time favorite drama. then comes the king 2 hearts, gaskital, and city hunter πŸ™‚

    • i agree, it started getting repetitive, but i like how the scriptwriters actually adds in little twists before it got TOO repetitive.
      i love the princess’ man too πŸ™‚

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