To The Beautiful You Episode 7 & 8

Hi everyone!

i didnt get a chance to watch it live, but just managed to catch the replay for Episode 7 and 8.

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these 2 episodes!!! hahahha just wanted to write something so I could fangirl over it. I am loving MinHo more and more. I love how he is so protective over JaeHee, how he is so strong and silent, and even his tolerance for Cockroach Hana. He sees the inner beauty in everyone, and treasures it. That’s so rare to find. Loveeee TaeJoon Oppa. In particular he really lowers his guard down with JaeHee. In ep 7, he talks about his mom and how she passed away with JaeHee, and he cant help but start to cry when thinking about his mom. I did too *embarrassed smile*Image


En Gyol’s character is also evolving. Of course, he keeps struggling with his own sexuality given his feelings for JaeHee (easily solved by buying a pair of SPECTACLES keke) but more than that, he’s starting to discover what love and honesty should be like. He measures his feelings towards Radish Girl (Da Hae, his new gf) versus Jae Hee, and realises that… true feelings just cannot be faked. His head knows whom he should like, but his heart does a totally different thing, and En Gyol slowly recognises that and comes to terms with it. I really liked that in these 2 episodes!

And of course, how can I miss out JaeHee. JaeHee’s feelings for TJ can’t help but grow. And he keeps doing sweet things for her — he buys her a birthday present, he adorably washes her face for her when her hand is injured, he prepares meals when its supposed to be her job and lets her claim all the credit. I wouldnt blame her at all! She feels so sincere though, even though I still have to say that the whole girl masquerading as a guy thing is TOTALLY unbelievable, but I think that her sincerity is really believable.

JaeHee shares her toilet with 2 boys. My worst nightmare!

I cannot CANNOT wait for next week. And also, the campfire scene is making me hungry. I wanna eat some s’mores too!!!!

How about you guys, did you like Episode 7 and 8 too?


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