Running Man Ep 110 – Park Tae Hwan & Seo Yeon Jae

ooh just finished watching episode 110.

This was another epic episode!!! Korea has been hit badly by typhoons recently, so the original games that PD and gang had planned for Running Man had to be changed to something indoors. They ended up playing simple indoor games like five stones and the like. It was super hilarious though ๐Ÿ˜€ Each member had to pick a game that they were best at, and then everyone would put in their bet (poker style) with winner takes all! Of course our Olympic athletes chose wisely. Yeon Jae (YJ) chose stretching and… Park Tae Hwan (PTH) chose “Holding your breath” kekekekekeke. Super funny. The games ended with YJ coming in first place! This is my fav shot from the games though


Mr Giraffe tries to challenge YeonJae in STRETCHING. with the help of his 2 comrades of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Next round was quite simply, a game of Tag. And woahhhhh here you see PTH’s fierce competitive nature. Him and Commander JongKook are really brothers from a different mother. All of them had to pick a number randomly, which then determined the order in which they were ousted. One by one the target number would be announced over the system, after which that person would have all the members chasing him to get him out. BUT… if the targetย person manages to tear off the nametag of another person, he would then be able to take over the number of that person. And guess who was the first target………. *drumrolls* JongKook!!!! hahaha the expressions of all the Running Men when his name was annonunced was priceless. Sheer Joy ๐Ÿ™‚ one by one they got eliminated, but PTH was the scariest. He was super aggressive! He pulled off JiHyo’s nametag so fast she fell on the ground. I guess the competitive nature just came roaring out. BUT… he didnt have the wily-ness of the Running Men. They saw how good PTH was, so four of them ganged up to take him out. SUCCESSFULLY!!!! he was mighty pissed I have to say. But the Running Men PD was too smart, 2 members were allowed to come back to life and those 2 were none other than… JongKook and PTH! Daeeeebak!!! End showdown was between the two brothers from a different mother, JongKook and PTH, with PTH getting smarter and ripping off Jongkook’s tag to win first! Excellent, excellent dynamics ๐Ÿ™‚ loveeee!





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