To The Beautiful You Ep 9


ooh it just started!!!

Episode starts with MinHo and Hana leaving JaeHee behind at the campsite. Hana (H) gets all teary-eyed at the thought of Taejoon (TJ) leaving and TJ comforts her and tells her not to worry. Swoon…

Meanwhile… a knight in shining armour from JaeHee (JH)’s past appears!!! He comes to school in a flashy car and just SWEEPS JH off. Eun Gyol (EG) and TJ run after the car in vain. run run run run dadadadadada.. fast cars aree too fast for these young athletes. Heehee. Turns out that the mysterious guy (John Kim) IS JH’s first love! TJ gets super jealous and crashes their dates too.

EG is still daydreaming about JH. kekekke. He’s imagining a scene where he barges into JH and TJ’s room and grabs JH.
EG: JH… there’s something I need to tell you. I really like you. No. I take that back. I love you!
*swoops down for the KISS*
After which policemen come in and handcuff EG and drag him away while JH says “What the hell! I’m a guy!!!” and EG shouts as he gets dragged away “I love you!!!” hahahahhaa. all this is in EG’s imagination of course.

Ohh looks like TJ is starting to get serious about going to Canada. He sits in his room and actually starts to research universities. Hmmm. He happens to pick up some of JH’s messy books (ahh! she’s just like me! uber messy!) and in doing so he hears JH sleeptalking. He walks over to her and smiles and tucks her in. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. swoon double triple swoon…

The boys (and 1 girl!) are back in school, and who shows up but… JH’s guy! (he’s also the same guy in A gentleman’s dignity, the student that fell in love with Yi Soo. the young bad ass!) He has lunch with JH and all the while when the two of them are together, they get the evil eye from EG and TJ. hahaha. John Kim (JK) pinches her cheek and ohhh tense jaws in TJ and big shocked eyes from EG! Heehee.
JH (to JK): What are you doing here?
JK: I came cos I miss you
JH: What… *embarrassed smile*

hahaha. JK uses his photography skills as an excuse to hang around the school. He takes pics of the students practising and stuff, all the while getting the evil eye from TJ and EG.

OH! EVERYONE! MINHO TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT! AHHHH!!! sorry momentarily blanked out there. awahhahaha. I love his physique! sigh. i want more scenes of that pleaseeee PD pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

Meanwhile, JH’s Hyung (JK) asks her out on a date to Seoul and TJ finds out and starts talking about how you need to be careful in Seoul blah blah blah and sooo… he has to come along to protect her! EG finds out and also says the same saying “TJ is not enough!” and hence the 2 person date becomes a happy foursome! ahahahhaa. They all go out to… Seoul and head to Insadong! hahaha. The 4 stop by a coffeeshop, and in a show of bravado both TJ and EG copy JK’s coffee order and get Espressos too. When their drinks come, the 2 of them drink their espressos with awful expressions on their faces though kekeke and EG has to grab JH’s drink for an emergency gulp of orange juice. ahaha. The four of them head to JK’s photo studio, and TJ wanders around and happens to see some of JK’s work, including a big BIIIIIG picture of JH. JK sees TJ looking at it, and its time for THE BIG CONFRONTATION. He tells TJ “you already know that JH is a girl right? what will JH think when she knows you know?” more threatening words and looks ensue (he really does look scary) but before more can happen, JK’s assistant comes up and tells him that his shoot has just finished. Sigh. End of Showdown.

WOOT!!! next scene is BEYOND AWESOME!!! Some models are a no-show for JK, so guess who are the 2 boys that step in… TJ and EG!!! OHHH TJ looks beyond sexy he’s wearing a suit without a shirt, ohhh looks so good. EG is dressed up too. kekeke TJ starts his shoot and JK says stuff photographer to model like “You’re a bad guy. show it.” “oh love it.” “oh that’s good.” ahahahahaha. HOTNESS.

They get back to their hostel, and looks like JH is coming down with a cold. She gets TLC from everyone… i am jealous sniff. are you guys jealous too. last time I had a cold… I didnt have 3 good looking guys at my beck and call snifff.

TJ goes to the doc to fix his ankle, he talks about his canada decision with the doctor teacher. He comes back to the room and sees JH. The light bulb is out, so JH climbs up on a stool to fix it, and while she’s up there, TJ suddenly goes up to her and wraps his arms around her. Back hug style except its more… back ass hahaha. JH gets taken aback too, and after TJ says sorry and abruptly leaves, she talks to herself “… does he know that I’m a girl?”

TJ leaves to hunt down JK. The two of them have a SHOWDOWN over JH. wooot a bout of sexy basketball playing ensues. Some pics for you heehee

TJ goes home and finds out that JH is sick. Looks like her cold is getting worse
TJ: Did you eat any medicine?
JH: No, not yet…
TJ: You are such an idiot! Just wait, I’m going to buy some for you.
JH: *grabs TJ’s hand* Don’t go….
TJ grabs towels and a pail and sits by her bed cooling her down, and ends up falling asleep next to her.

Next morning, EG needs to pee badly (this always happens to him) and he barges into TJ and JH’s room to borrow their toilet, only to find that………. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………… TJ and JH are sleeping on the same bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO I dont know how that happened either. They sleepily wake up and see each other’s faces (TJ has his arm around JH by the way) and Episode 9 ends with three very shocked faces. actually four. TJ + JH + EG + Mine!!!

hahahahaha. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love this show. I’m already feeling super sad that its episdoe 9!!! and this is so short i think there are only 16 episodes. Maybe we should start a petition and try to get them to extend it for a few episodes. They did it for Gaksital!!! Why not for TTBY?! What do you guys think should we do it?????


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  1. punk

    love your caps ❤ thanks

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