To The Beautiful You Ep 10 Live Recaps now!


hi everyone!!! Picture above captures where we left off last night hee a very scandalously compromising position between JaeHee (JH) and Taejoon (TJ). Sigh. I want to be Sulli too she is TOO LUCKY. Anyway Ep 10 starting soon!!! All eyes peeled on the TV now. Guys if you are reading do leave a comment so we can watch togetherrrr πŸ˜€


EG barges in on the SCANDALOUS SLEEPING COUPLE and leaves shell-shocked… and heartbroken too. JH and TJ wake up, and JH is all flustered and tries to make excuses to go to the toilet. But, all TJ asks is… “Are you feeling better now?” And presses his hand to her forehead. Ahhh. Swoon. JH gets even more flustered and tries to go to the toilet as an excuse and drops her pouch and…. WAIT A MINUTE IS THAT TAMPONS I SEE???? hahahahha. TJ looks away quickly and feigns ignorance.

Meanwhile, EG is traumatised and is dreaming up all sorts of potential scenarios which could have led to the two of them sleeping together. Such as a collosal head bang leading to the two of them blanking out. Or JH doing some strange gymnast worthy twirl and just happily landing on TJ’s bed. Or… pillow fight which led to sleeping together. ahahahaha.

TJ is being interviewed now, with paparazzi snap-snap-snapping away. The interviewer starts asking him about his life, and why he wants to come back to jumping, and about his lovelife and…. TJ amazingly says that yes, it’s because of someone. woahhh. even more ZOOM-IN SNAPPING. The interviewer excitedly asks “Who is it???” But TJ just smiles.

Back in the dorms, it looks like there is suspicion of people sneaking stuff in the dorms… *I;m thinking porn* TJ is smart though. and he quickly gets some girly magazines and puts them into JH and his dorm room so that her tampon pouch thingy might get missed. Uh Oh JH’s stuff is getting searched now… oh dear! But luckily hehehe TJ’s quickly stashed porn mags get found and he takes the blame for it. How manly… in all senses ahaha. The discipline master runs away with the porn mags… probably for his own perusal! TJ gets punished along with the other porn fiends though. Ahhh… he is like a Knight in Shining Armour!

TJ’s article gets published though, and everyone is talking about “that person” that TJ mentioned in his article. They’re all going “ooooh… who’s it who’s it” “Must be TJ’s girlfriend” at which SeungRi (SR) gets a sudden big jealous fit. kekeke.

JH is sitting with SangChoon (their cute doggy!) and TJ goes to find her and pokes her cheek. Whaaat. come on its painfully obvious that he knows she’s a girl. Sigh. Anyway, TJ asks “Have you eaten?” I think thats his way of caring. JH just says “I missed Sangchoon” oh well. they have a talk and JH suddenly gets all upset and asks him about going to Canada and Hana blah blah… TJ chases after her to try to get her but… JH’s hyung shows up! And whisks her away in his white sports car. I think that’s all he does in this show muahaha.

Scene shift to EG. He’s practising football, and starts talking about his pro dreams with his coach. kekeke looks like his coach forgot that EG just kicked a ball that caused him to blackout wahahaha.

JH’s Hyung (Hy) gets dragged away to do a makeover! Woot ok this is going to be good. Im sooo expecting Sulli’s girl transformation to be spotted by TJ so he falls hopelessly ever so deeply in love with her. hahaha. Are you guys watching this too?

Meanwhile, Hana and TJ are in a car going for an event together, and Hana is asking TJ about going to Canada. Poor girl, she really loves him. She’s asking “Canada… you’re not going right???” Sigh. Actually TJ is quite mean, he’s kinda stringing her along.

WOOT! JH’s makeover is complete! She goes for a dinner event thing with Hy, and gets complimented by Hy. I think she still looks the best with her long f(x) hair. guess who else appears at the dinner… TJ AND HANA! hahaha bet you guys were expecting it too.

Meanwhile the cute EG is practising his lines in front of the mirror for him to present his present to JH. Heehee. Oops but his present gets noticed by his dormmates! Who happily thinks that it’s his birthday present. Only to have EG snatch the present away and almost gets pummelled as a result. hahaha serves him right!

JH is looking at the art exhibitions but still thinks of TJ… she pulls out her handphone thinking to call him, but her Hyung/Oppa comes and distracts her in time. BUT… while dragging her away, he didnt move fast enough and TJ sees the back of her! Looks like its time for a confession from JH’s Hyung/Oppa… wow she is really looking pretty now. Suddenly. She looks so pretty. He tells her about his feelings (FINALLY) and JH doesnt say anything other than… “Oh. I’m surprised.” He just says
“I’ll wait for you. Take your time. Think about it, slowly. I’ll be here waiting.”

JH’s cover is about to get blown thoughhhh… Hana spots her and tries to hunt her down. TJ tries to stop Hana, and thankfully Hy shows up in time. The two boys nod acknowledgement at each other and TJ explains that he was the photographer. Smart manouevring by the two boys has Hana being led away. TJ returns, only to find JH’s Hyung waiting for him. Confrontation time. He says to TJ : Can you make JH happy? Can you be sure of that? Think about it…
*cue the OST I LOVE THIS SONG have to find out what its called*
TJ and JH sit on their respective beds deep in thought… TJ thinking about what to do with JH and JH thinking about… what to do with her cute Oppa.

Next day! EG is at training, and happens to see JH. He runs up to find her, and she asks “How is training? Going well?” He brags a bit kekeke before pulling out his present for JH. Their couple shirts! wahahaha. JH holds it and says “It’s beautiful… thank you!” without knowing EG’s secret intentions behind the gift. JH gets caught by TJ talking to the doggie again, and he asks her “do you have any plans” she shakes her head and… he drags her off on their DATE!!! WOOT! i’M LOVING THIS! kekeke they both sit on the boss, and start eating eggs Korean style (ie smashing the hard-boiled egg on your head) kekeke. JH gets the hiccups and takes a drink from a can, and TJ drinks from the same can… OMO OMO! kiss! hahahaha i’m so childish grin. Bet you guys are excited too though hehehe. Note to self: TJ’s Samsung camera looks pretty good.

The two go on their date and end up at a park (where on earth are they filming this by the way I want to go to the park too!) TJ talks about Canada with JH and says that he’s thinking about it… they are on the bus ride back, and TJ is asleep on the bus. Sleepy TJ nods off with his head on JH’s shoulder. Role reversal time!!! But so sweet!!!! heeee oh gosh I am grinning like a maniac to myself while typing this. She strokes TJ’s fringe too.

Scene cut to Hana. She’s lying in her bedroom. Woah she has a giant picture of herself hung above her bed. She keeps thinking of the mysterious girl she saw at the dinner event (ie JH). She gets up and starts flipping thru JH’s yearbook again, and this time she realises JH’s secret. JH = Jay Dawson (Female!)

Heehee now the two teachers are having a moment, and discussing how they came about teaching… the wistful moment gets damaged though when Mr Teacher (I forget his name) grabs the ramen pot) and burns his hand. haha silly billy. But Miss teacher grabs his hand to cool his burn and oooh… he looks dreamily at her hahaha.

EG is off for his game, and JH runs to give him a present. A cross-stitched shirt? Or is it towel? I dunno. but shitty cross-stitching though kekekekeke. Maybe the poor cross-stitching was to keep up with her “boy” persona. Or maybe she cant cross-stitch. We will never know!

Meanwhile, Hana confronts JH. She slaps JH’s pouch of girly stuff in her face (why on earth does JH keep a girly pouch around I dont understand) JH pleads with her to keep it a secret, but Hana refuses! She marches off to look for the headmaster (who already knows JH’s secret though) She meets Teacher Doctor and he tries to explain to her about why JH is here and why he kept it a secret — it was all for TJ. Hana runs off in anger, and sees TJ along the way. He asks her what she was doing there, and she looks at him and says:
“Gu Jae Hee. Girl.”
TJ doesnt move a muscle and just looks at her.
“What… Unless… you already knew…Β So your Canada decision is because of…”
“You are driving me crazy!”

All TJ can say is “I’m sorry” Hana runs off crying badly and saying “TJ oppa, I’m going mad because of you!”

Teacher Doctor tells JH what happens and looks like she has to go back. She just says “sorry” and… its flashback time. ohhhh. so many memories with Taejoonie sniff. Damn my tears are welling up too. From the drunken kiss, to him saving her, to their shared doggy moments, to him hugging her when she was fixing the light bulb, to TJ holding her hand to sleep….

Oh dear. Meanwhile EG is having a hard day too. He gets a call saying that he didnt get selected (I think it was for the National Youth Team). EG… dont cry… you are always the happy bubbly one. =( he sits alone by the stadium, holding JH’s cross-stiched gift, and crying.

Meanwhile Hana goes on TV and she gets asked by the interviewer “How are your preparations?” Hana replies “They’re going well… I have everyone’s congratulations and support. Most importantly I have the support of the one I love. Taejoon Oppa – I love you!” woahhhh clever girl. TJ just stares blankly as everyone turns to look at him after Hana makes that huge announcement on nationalised TV.

ahhhh! EPISODE ENDS!!!!

I liked yesterday’s episode more, but today’s episode also provided good plot movement. How much longer can we survive with Sulli passing off as a boy? Totally unbelievable grin. But I have to say one thing though… WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TOPLESS MINHO SCENES?! I WANT MORE!!!! kekekeke you guys, how did you find today’s episode??? Leave a comment! Oh yes and this blog is not meant to be a one-way thing I joined cos I thought it would be cool for everyone to write recaps on your fav tv shows, regardless of where you are from and what you like. so come join us and let’s recap together!!! hehe link to join us is here (

oh yah dont forget to follow this blog as I keep up with TTBY recaps!

xoxo, latte



  1. wow cool, thank you for the live recap, because my net is very slow and the video laggs very badly. So THANK YOU very much Chingu πŸ™‚

  2. zheisya

    great recap πŸ™‚

  3. eun

    i want to strangle hanaβ€˜s neck.

  4. thanks! i kept on refreshing your page a while ago while watching TTBY on livestream.. thanks to your blog i was able to understand what was happening. πŸ™‚ keep it up pls πŸ™‚

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      hi Febbie Neil! Thanks so much for your comments πŸ™‚ hee I feel so encouraged — i’ll try my best to keep it up! Please help me share this blog too so more people can join us here! sarang haeyo πŸ™‚

  5. Wow it is definately something new this version, but kind of kdrama special: i bet the next 4 eps will be full with angst and the last two we will have the happy ending. I only hope that we will get our happy ending and not some open ending.
    About this episode: i streamed the last minutes of the show. I loved that TJ is a gentleman, but he will need to step up against Hana in the next eps. I did not think that she will let him so easily when she wrote him the sms that all is fine (i understand it so, must watch with subs :)) and i was right…
    I am sure that all will be ok but we must be patient πŸ™‚

  6. I already shared this to my friend who is also a die hard fan of TTBY..haha.. i just dunno if he already visited this site.. πŸ™‚

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for your live recap.

  8. Thank you. You’re the best, admin :’)
    even I haven’t watched it yet, I wanna to cry when read the last paragraph. Whut, hana…. AHHHHH :@
    hiks, this episode will make me cry, I sure. I don’t know why, but I can feel the story better than before. HIKS T—–T
    please end up with Jaehee, Taejoon-ah ;~;

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