Nice Guy (Korean Drama) Episode 3 Preview

Hi guys…

OMO I just started watching Nice Guy and… I am loving it. LOVING IT. Firstly, there are my darling Running Men boys Song Joong Ki and GwangSoo. Secondly, wow the first 2 episodes are coming along swimmingly. The characters all seem so interesting, with lots of secrets and mystery and conflicts, and the pace is nice and fast. Love love!!! I think I’m going to have to start recapping it too GRIN. Maybe I’ll do it live recap style like caffelatte! What do you think???

Anyway, here are some of the preview pics for Episode 3 that I found and wanted to share! The captions are annoyingly ambiguous but… better than nothing hee ๐Ÿ˜€


They meet, with a mixture of surprise and curiosity.


I will surely do whatever it takes.
What kind of show do I have to put on for you to see?


Please…. please don’t go to Eun Gi!


How can I get saved so I won’t die….


I will make it cold… and without emotion… and without feeling…


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  1. lamsquared

    i’m so interested in this drama! i love the premises of the drama but i’m just hoping that they will focus more on how maroo wil lure eun gi and how she will figure out he is playing rather than marooo executing his revenge against jae hee. there will constant dilemmas in this drama but i hope that the writers let the characters take the right choice!

    • goldfishgee

      ME TOO ME TOO!
      the first 2 episodes are sooo intriguing. and Eun Gi seems like a super sharp person, I hope Maru’s seduction of her is really a believable one. But i’m a bit scared too — the beginning is TOO GOOD. I hope the ending is equally fantastic ๐Ÿ˜€

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