Running Man Ep 111 with Flower Men

Hello everyone!!! Hee time for my recap of Episode 111 again!

ImageThe Running Men cast see the flower stage set up and get all excited, thinking that maybe its the SNSD members here today! BUT… turns out NOPE grin its 5 actors that were all super big in the early 90s and are household names in Korea. They’re supposed to be the “Flower Men”. Haha I think some of them might be twice KwangSoo’s age kekeke.


They get split into teams, as follows:
Team Green: Ji Hyo, Gary, HaHa, Lee Jong Won
Team Purple: JaeSuk, SukJin, Im Ha Ryong, Son Byung Ho
Team Red: KwangSoo, JongKook, Shin Jong Geun, Go Chang Suk

Teams are sorted out so … OFF THEY GO! They start their games in Busan. They have to play a series of games according to a Diamond shape (baseball diamond style). First up is throwing off the dice! They all set off to different their respective locations.

Green Team is at the Food Market in Busan! Each team has to split into pairs with each pair eating a food item, and selecting 1 card out of 3. By telepathy their two pairs are supposed to get the same card!  To find their pairs, the Green Team count to three and each says a number. Ji Hyo and Gary both say ‘3’ at the same time… oooh reuniting of the Monday Couple!!! Woot! Gary reaches out to take JiHyo’s hand and… she smacks it away. hahaha. Purple team comes along too, and everyone pairs up with each pair squeezing into a rubber tube. Purple team has some difficulty… looks like the Flower Men need to lose some weight 😀


Green Team has to hunt for bingsu (shaved red bean ice) and veggie pancakes. At the end of their mission Lee Jong Won gets love declarations from the Ahjummas looks like he hasnt lost his touch. Purple Team next! They have to eat hoddeok (ancake with sticky honey filling) and veggie pancake too. Green Team successfully passes the ‘telepathy’

Red Team is off to the amusement park! Their mission is to sing a song while on the rollercoaster and score at least 90. It’s sooo funny the Flower Men are terrified. TERRIFIED. The singing turns into “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” hahahahaha the ride ends and the two of them look like frightened sheep. They get a score of 81 for the first try. They up and try again, this time with the two Flower Men, and the score (after a mix of crying and laughing) is…. 69. Hahaha.

Green Team successfully pass at the first try and go off to the Amusement Park. Red Team is still stuck there though… this time it’s their 7th try on the rollercoaster hahahaha. FINALLY THEY GET 95!!! And the entire team CELEBRATES and group hugs with much genuine happiness. They throw the dice and get a “Jump” so next stop is the baseball stadium. Chang Suk Hyung is really funny. He starts asking about when they can have a snack. Hee. They promise to let him buy something along the way. So at the baseball stadium, he happily orders his ice cream and hot dog and eats them happily like a kid. He’s so cute hahahaha. In the car, KwangSoo takes his finished food stick from him and tells him that there are tissues in front. Just like my mummy hahaha. And on the other hand the other Red Team Flower Ahjusshi promptly wants to take a nap. After which Go Chang Suk burps. It’s too funny.

Green Team is up and Ji Hyo and Lee Jang Won pass on the first try on the rollercoaster!!! They get 94 and go off to the baseball stadium. Purple Team also sets off to their next destination and on the way, they start discussing older generation hobbies. Like auctioning… and reminiscing. Hee.

Red Team is at the baseball stadium! Their mission is to get a home run with 2 members carrying the 4th, but with the batter having to shout “Home Runnnnnnnnnn” and they can only run as far as he shouts. KwangSoo gets a fantastic audience support at the baseball stadium though and whips out his usual robot dance. Hahaha. Go Chang Suk goes first with the batting and the shouting, but… fails. Next up GwangSoo wants to try… and fails even more miserably. Meanwhile Green Team is up next and Gary tries batting first… and fails. Heehee. Poor lungs of a rapper. Red Team re-strategises and tries again with Go Chang Suk redoes his Pavarotti role and… they SUCCEED!!! Hee.

Purple Team is so funny. They go from destination to destination ala tourist style, taking pictures and eating snacks and admiring the view and strolling along. All notions of competing in Running Man are totally dismissed hee totally different from the Idols that come on and run around crazily. They get to their 40 Steps Staircase destination. Mission is that they have to kick their shoe above the 40 Step Running Men Step (who thinks up these games?!) JongKook goes first and succeeds! Jong Geun is next but… less successful and misses by a step. Purple Team goes and woahhhh they perfectly kick their shoes to the exact step! Keke off they go. Red Team is left still trying to pass. Go Chang Suk is really cute. He practises by himself against the wall, but ends up kicking his shoe to the top of an air conditioning unit and cant reach it. KwangSoo has to run up to get it for him. They try again and the Red Team finally passes!!! hahaha I’m loving the Busan residents. There’s a girl with super powerful lungs that screams all the Running Men names with GREAT gusto. And another Ahjussi starts singing KwangSoo the “Betrayal” song really loudly to cheer him on. Hahaha.

Green Team moves on to the Village, where their mission is to find a secret flask. They’re instructed to be careful along the way though… hmmm. And true to the show, as they are in the village, a team of AhJumma assassins equipped with water guns come out and start spraying them! It’s super funny they are hidden everywhere. The Green Team has to split their time between fangirling ahjummas and water gun assassin ahjummas. Finally they find their scroll. Done! Because they are the first team, they get a secret envelope — a key. Along with the message that the key will be very useful when they go home. Hmmm.

Meanwhile Purple Team is at the beach! Their mission is to eat the date biscuit that is attached to their hats. Kekeke they all look really retarded trying to do it. They all succeed except Sun Byung Ho who is OUT. He sends a message to his daughter on TV and says “Ji Woo, dont worry. Failure will turn into success. There’s still tomorrow.” Heehee looks like these Flower Men all come on RM for their kids.

Red Team is on their next mission! The team has to stay on a bus for 5 minutes, with their nametags stuck on vertical style, with the PD wearing a blindfold and going around the bus trying to tear off nametags. It’s so funny, Go Chang Suk happily squeezes into the steps and fits there comfortably. Tearing off his nametag from that position is near impossible. Shin Jong Geun fails this round though, and he gets his nametag ripped off. They go off to their final destination “Home” where the Green Team is already there.

At “Home” the Teams have to find the secret treasure chest which has 2 padlocks. But each team has 1 key, which they have it stuck to one of their members nametags.

JaeSuk cleverly rips off HaHa’s nametag by asking him to hug Son Byung Ho. Meanwhile Red and Green team are on a battle. Gary rips off Go Chang Suk’s tag and KwangSoo’s tag. But he gets his nametag ripped off by JaeSuk.

Green Team is ALL OUT except JiHyo. JongKook tries to tear off JiHyo’s nametag in a 1 on 1 and she reverts to BITING him. hahaha. JaeSuk and team come to rescue her but … JiHyo turns on them! heehee in the scruffle, Ji Hyo and JaeSuk also get their nametags out. They join all the other outsters — its getting rowdy in there.
The last two members are JongKook and Im Ha Ryong and… Commander wins! Hee strength triumphs I guess. The big prize is a 2N3D tip in Busan which JongKook then gives it up to his Sunbae in deference. Hee. Running Man 귿!


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    loved Episode 111!!! Super funy!

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