Nice Guy (Korean Drama) Episode 3 Recap

Just finished watching Episode 3!!! Here’s a quick recap for all “Nice Guy” fans 🙂

Maru (M)
Eun Gi (EG)
Jae Hee (JH)
Jae Gil (JG)
Choco (C)

Episode starts with EG in trouble – looks like not too many people want her to be the successor. Well I’m not suprised. She’s super young, female, and… this is Korea. She goes motor cycling to try to relieve stress. It’s her only hobby.

JH and M are at the police station, cos of EG having reported that M was extorting money from them. And, JH doesnt have the balls to refute those allegations. I hate her!!!! Why does M love her so much?! I want to smack her!
M: I want to know something. What world is it that you live in… that you can ignore the purity of relationships…”
JH: You would understand even if I explained it to you. People like you can never enter my world.
Ouch. That’s a super big SLAP IN THE FACE to M, her lover who TOOK THE RAP and went to jail for her whaaaaaaaaat all JH-haters join me in shouting out loud now “Whaaaaat?!”

Looks like EG likes the biking stuff, but aint to good at keeping out of trouble. She bikes over a cliff and gets in SERIOUS danger. M happens to be there (good timing my darling!) and saves her. EG insists on finding her bike, but M stops her cos it’s too dangerous. Hmmm… looks like there’s some sentimental value behind her bike. EG is stubborn though and still hunts for it… specifically I think she was hunting for the doll on her bike. And because of her stubborn hunting, M falls…. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

This time it’s M’s turn. Thank goodness he’s mostly okay, with just a few broken bones.
EG: Do you know who I am? Why did you do that for me? That was crazy! What do you want from me… do you want money? Is that what you want?
M: I dont want anything. Just for you to say thanks.
Hmmm. Mysterious. EG is one rather ungrateful b*tch though I have to say.

Things are hotting up on the business side of things. EG’s chances of losing out to JH and her son are getting bigger and bigger gradually. The plot thickens as well, as slowly, JH’s relationship with M is starting to unravel… hmmmm….

Looks like the President is in need of a transplant. Who else comes to the rescue but… JH. She plays the sacrificial lamb and says all sort of pansy stuff like “Ohhh… this is the minimum that family should do.” yuck yuck. JH also starts planning the wedding ceremony she never had. EG hears of it and starts reminiscing of how her mom used to tell her stuff like “EG, I want you to be a woman who gets to wear beautiful things, and who gets to meet a good kind man…” EG gets all riled up at the thought of it though, cos she’s the independent strong-headed woman that her mom never was. She says to herself “I will never do that! I will never avoid difficult situations like you — I will fight till the end I will never live like you!”

EG goes back to the hospital to visit M but he’s already left. He’s gone back home, only to find that Choco (C) isnt there cos she’s left to meet her mother. She just leaves a cute msg for him saying “Oppa, dont be bad because of my bills. Oppa fighting!” Ooh we get to see JaeGil (JG)’s girlfriend. She cant stop talking about M though hehehehe looks like JoongKi vs KwangSoo showdown has spillover from Running Man. She says “Oh M is sooo handsome” which leads to JG saying “Yup. It’s all thanks to plastic surgery.” hahahahahha

EG pops up at M’s house. Ooh. Intriguing. She’s not too polite though I have to say, and starts criticising everything and asking if there’s good public transportation and how do people live there. M cuts to the chase though and asks her straight “Are you interested in me?”
well… I AM. HERE! *waving my arms madly* look at me Maru! I am! hahahha.
Eeks at this critical moment the phone rings. It’s Choco, who says that their mom is in danger. This show is full of critical moments. M rushes to C but EG won’t budge. She keeps asking “Why do you refuse my gifts? What do you want? Is it money???” M refuses and tries to push her away but she wont relent. She says again “Are you crazy? Is that why? Maybe you have to go to the hospital again?” M retorts back “Yah maybe, I think the accident changed me. Before it, I would never like someone like you who’s always angry and irritated and a general pain. But now, after the accident… you seem interesting…” oooh. What on earth does that mean???

Choco calls the police accusing her stepdad of assault, which royally pisses him off. M steps in to save the day though. Huh… I think Choco and Maru have the same dad but different moms. C’s mother is well…. useless. She turns C away and tells her to go with her brother. poor Choco. This show is full of dysfunctional parenting.

In the car, C finally meets EG! Woo. Battle of the tiger women grin. C starts interrogating her and asking “Who are you? Are you my brother’s new lover?” M says no though and dismisses EG as some acquaintance.

Manager Ahn is at his home working out. oof. JH goes searching for him though, and starts to tell her whole sob story to him, everything is spilled out… from how her mom was a prostitute and her brother was a gambler, to how Maru took the blame for her and went to prison for a murder that she committed, and she asks him “Please, I want to stay here longer, I like this life…. please help me…” A asks her “Why do you trust me?” JH replies “You would never betray me… because you love me. You’ve always loved me.” And SHE KISSES HIM. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. And of course, who else sees this but… MARU.

EG and M are in the car together, and EG turns to M and says “Let’s meet tomorrow…. and the day after tomorrow. I think I like you.” WHAAAT! And of course, the person who sees this scene is… JH!

WOAH. What a phenomenal episode. Nice Guy is getting better and better. I am getting all excited about the bare knuckle SHOWDOWN between JaeHee and EunGi which I know is SO going to happen. This episode was great tough, the characters are all developing nicely and well… the show is coming along awesomely. And of course, hee, I LOVE SONG JOONGKI!


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