phantom / ghost

i’m going to start watching the first episode of ghost / phantom – i think it’s been on korean TV for a few months already but my friend told me about it and the first 5 minutes is already so captivating! hard to follow the subtitles though. any views about this drama?




    If you mean Ghost staring SJS then it is a great drama if you like mysteries. It good from the first to the last episode, If you have to have romance in your drama there is none.

  2. Kay

    This is one of the best dramas of the year. No romance whatsoever in here but still keeps you watching till the end. I RECOMMEND IT !!!!

  3. oh yes yes, i don’t really like the romance drama type – i just finished the first episode (slow i know, but i need to follow the subtitles) and it IS good. very exciting full of suspense!

  4. oh it really is very good, i watched it fast and furious so did not even have time to post recaps in between. It’s really exciting, full of twists and you don’t know who are the real bad guys until the very end. Not the typical korean drama, and i think wuyeong (who is really pak ki yeong) is very suave – in a silent, strong way. The older policeman is not handsome but he’s really funny and his is the only romance in the whole drama! The ending was a bit deflated, but on further thought, it really couldn’t have ended any other way. as he said himself “the only person who can catch me, would be myself.”. what should i watch next?

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