To The Beautiful You Episode 11 Live Recaps

Starting soon!!!! I’ll refresh as I go so stay tuned here!

oooh it’s started…

Episode starts with JH (Jaehee) chasing after TJ. He’s all upset after the confession that Hana (H) made.
TJ: Are you happy now? With this situation?
JH: Actually… actually…. [she keeps wanting to say smthg but cant bring herself to speak]
TJ: Later. Let’s just talk later. Okay?

TJ goes off to find H. ooh confrontation time!
TJ: What did you do that for? Did you find it very interesting? Are you happy now?
H: Oppa. What are you talking about? Do you think I dont know how you feel about JH? How do you think I feel??? ….
Oppa…. do you like JH?
TJ: [silence]
H: Why aren’t you saying anything??? Why?????
JH is talking to the doggie again. And crying. Sighhhhh poor JH…

Scene switches to EG. He’s kicking a football around in frustration, and getting repeated memory flashbacks of JH. He keeps thinking of how she talked about TJ and how…. suspicious the TJ-JH “friendship” was. Then… oh! JH appears!
JH: You’ve finished practice? Did you do well?
EG: Ah I was just kicking around…. what’s wrong JH? You look upset?
JH: No… I’m fine. I’m going to go back first.
She smiles and turns to go back to her dorm.

JH is walking in the rain now. [NECESSARY SCENE IN EVERY DRAMA] hahaha i can rattle off all the dramas with raining scenes I’ve seen. Big, Queen In Hyeon’s Man, Rooftop… ooh TJ shows up! He’s all drenched in the rain, and JH shelters him. They both go back to their dorms and they both can’t sleep… Make that THREE. En Gyol (EG) cant sleep too. Sigh. Young love.

Next day in school, the girls are going crazy over H’s tv confession of her and TJ’s relationship. wahahaha they are starting a big Anti-Hana campaign too grin. Some of the signs say “Don’t Touch my TaeJoon!” heehee I think… I might join them too I love TJ sooo much wahaha. Even at the boys school TJ gets teased too. JH gets kinda upset at the constant reminders of TJ’s new “girlfriend” as well. Yikes she’s crying again. Are you guys watching too???? I’m getting  abit sad seeing JH so upset.

Time for JH’s cute Hyung to appear! JH is having a flashback thinking of the time the two spent together. He’s the knight in shining armour (as usual) and the two have a chat, and he tries to comfort her. I really like him… ottoke…. heehee. Which camp are you guys on? Taejoonie? Or Hyung? or EG???

JH is brooding… moping about… but just then these cute little socks (with permanent marker faces drawn on) appear behind her and start a little comic sketch of their own. It’s none other than EG who saves the day! He tries to cheer her up, but as he talks to her he starts to get I dunno his itchy heart and he suddenly asks
EG: JH… Do you like TJ?
JH: What? Why do you ask me something so strange??? [with a very awkward smile]
EG: Oh… sorry… forget I said that.

Meantime H and TJ get a giant blasting from their manager for the whole fiasco. EG happens to overhear some of his schoolmates chatting, and finds out about H’s confession (finally!!!!) it’s like the ENTIRE school knew except him. He’s slowly…. finally… putting two and two together. JH’s weird expressions, her recent brooding. Time for confrontation time!

ohhh EG confronts TJ.
EG: What does JH think of the whole Hana situation? Do you like JH?
TJ: I’ll find a way to settle the situation. Don’t worry.
EG: [stops TJ from walking away and grabs him by the arm] No. If there is a person that you like in your life you should do something about it. I like JH.

woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh everyone’s having confrontations now.

next up is H versus JH. H meets JH at the coffeeshop and threatens her (as usual) and tells her to stay as a man.

Hee JH goes back to the dorm and gets the third degree from TJ.
TJ: Where have you been? Where were you?
JH: I was with a friend.
TJ: Friend? What friend? Was it EG?
Hee jealousyyyy!!! The two accidentally bump their heads together, and TJ ohhhhh TJ accidentally buts his hand on her boob!!!! WAH WAH WAH!!!! Actually its no biggie cos well… Sulli is not well very known for her bustiness but still. Feeling her up!

TJ is feeding their doggie. I love the doggie. sooo much. All cross-gender drama shows need a cute doggie too (like Coffee Prince). H is at ballet practice and well… totally distracted with TJ. Her gymnastics ribbon training is all action, but her head is filled with TJ thoughts. oh no I think she’s going to get injured ……… oh crap it really happens. She falls badly, and looks like she broke or twisted her ankle badly. uh oh…

Meanwhile JH is texting EG asking him where he is. TJ shows up at back in their dorm though, and asks her to go have a meal together. He suddenly gets a call though
TJ: What? Which hospital? … I’m coming now!
He rushes to look for H and tells JH he’ll meet her later.

TJ finds H in the hospital and she’s all cheery and saying “What took you so long???” It’s not good news though. H doesnt know, but it looks like her injury will take quite a while to heal, and whether or not she can participate in her gymnastics competition is really a big question mark. Sigh. But… looks like this is a burden that only TJ will bear.
TJ: Miss… where’s your mom?
H: She’s busy. I missed you lots though I’m so happy you came. Can you come and visit me often please?
TJ nods his head and smiles. He’s so sweet to her! Now he’s arranging her pillows, and she’s thinking about how they can watch movies together and stuff in the hospital. He’s tucking her in now. TJ is a good oppa… he’s left his phone behind in H’s room though. She sees the message on his phone from JH.
JH: Is Hana ok? I hope she gets well in time for her competition. See you tomorrow.
H’s face changes after seeing the message and she turns to lie down.

TJ’s track coach (the one who is besotted with H) happens to be in the hospital too (I think he got appendicitis) and he finds out that H is in the hospital too, which sends him into a huge tizzy. heehee he’s cute. Ahh young love!

Next day, JH sees TJ packing all his stuff and asks him where he’s going.
TJ: I’m going to see H. Her condition is not good. As to whether she can heal in time for her competition… we don’t know yet.
JH: Oh no… I hope she gets better.
TJ: [looks broodingly at JH] That… …… I’ll see you later.
Looks like he wanted to say something like… “I LOVE YOU!” hahaha but couldnt bring himself to.

JH is off to the hospital to see H! But she gets spotted by track coach hyung, who mistakes that JH is here to see him and happily grabs the flowers she’s holding. Oops. Awkward moment ensues.

TJ goes to visit H and uh oh… serious moment is about to happen. TJ gently holds H’s hand and… H looks at him, and says a bit scared… “Why? What’s happening?” Scene cuts to JH opening up H’s hospital door gently though, and all she sees is H sobbing onto TJ’s shoulder. She looks at them, and just leaves, quietly…

JH goes to hunt down EG. He’s been missing from school for a couple of days, and the boys are getting a bit worried. They meet and have a chat and JH tells him that everyone is worried about him. JH tells him all about TJ and H’s situation too. Hee… you can hear his heart beating *thump thump* he does the hand over the shoulder thing, and his hand hovers over JH’s shoulder… but he doesnt dare to put it down.

TJ goes to visit H in the hospital and brings her… woah 4 boxes of Kraze burgers. How can anyone eat so much? When he goes out she sneaks a look at his phone (again!) and rifles through his pictures. She sees a nature picture, scenery… and… a picture of JH, with her hands up in triumph. Oh no. When TJ goes back in, H looks at him, and says…
H: About JH… what place does she have in your heart?
TJ: [silence]
A tear starts to roll down H’s cheeks.
H: Why? Why am I not good enough for you? Oppa don’t you know how much I like you? Why? Why can’t it be me?
sighhhhh…. H asks such difficult questions.

Meanwhile EG gets chased around his house by his dad with a golfclub cos… I didnt really catch the Korean but I think they thought he had made a girl pregnant. Hahaha.

H asks TJ to do one thing for her. She wants to still do her routine and fulfill her dreams, even though she is hurt. TJ pushes her on her wheelchair to the gym, where she hobbles off her wheelchair and limps while doing her routine. She’s doing the whole ribbon twirling thing (it’s really beautiful actually), and thinking back of when her and TJ were kids and how they made a promise to each other to encourage each other as they pursued their dreams. Wow… these two really go way back. H falls in mid-twirl though, and tears are pouring down her face. She quietly says to TJ “Thank you…” sa-a-a-a-ad… I’m tearing a bit too, even though H is not really my favourite character (dont think she is anyone’s fav character really)

ohhhhhhhhhhhh…. something’s gonna happen… EG and JH get back home, and when they are their respective dorm doors, EG suddenly turns to JH.
EG: JH! … I like you.
WOAH. bold words. And, of course, this is all heard by… TJ!!!!!!!!!!!

wow. Excellent episode. I feel… oh quite tired now between keeping up with emotions and writing these live recaps and trying to translate the Korean… I’m TIRED. hahaha. Have you guys been watching too? What do you think of today’s episode?



  1. zheisya

    Great recaps… thank you. I’m crying just by reading your recap. So sad….

  2. lablyness

    thanks for the recap… great episode and plot movement for the characters. so we expect more revelations in ep 12. and the love story of hanna and seung ri begins.

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      thank you!!! If you like our recaps dont forget to folllow our blog 🙂 I think H and SeungRi will make a cute couple cant wait for that to happen tmr

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