To The Beautiful You Episode 12 Live Recaps now!

darlings!!! Time for our favourite drama again! Hee think we are going to see lots of jealous Taejoonie todayyyy. Woot can’t wait for it to start! Oh please help me spread the word everyone — share this recap on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, I dunno what else you cool people use nowadays haha. Starting at 10pm Korean Time!

oh have to give you guys this spoiler picture so we can drool over it together. ARE YOU GUYS DROOLING???? hahahahhaa πŸ™‚ ooh! it’s started!

Starts with the mega confession scene from yesterday when EG tells JH about his feelings. hee. TJ sees this though and strides over rapidly.
TJ: What are the two of you doing here together?
Hee check out EG and JH squirming away. They make up some lame excuse and JH hurries into her room with TJ.

Back in the room, TJ starts questioning JH about what EG says earlier. Hee. Jealousyyyy! Ooh change of topic though to Hana.
TJ: About Hana… what do you think about what H said?
Awkwardness! Awww the two are soooo cute I can’t stand it! Loving the chemistry between these two. TJ flees into the toilet and starts muttering to himself “Cha En Gyol…”

Meanwhile EG is sitting in his room thinking to himself about his confession to JH and saying out loud “Good job EG!” hahaha. I agree! So brave of him! He sees his dormmate start taking off his shirt and well since he thinks he is gay and he wants to stop himself from being “tempted” he tries to pull his dormmates shirt down and pleads with him to keep his shirt off. Hahahaha it’s all in vain though and he gets scolded instead. I agree! EG! If the hunk wants to take off his shirt… LET HIM!

It’s night, and TJ and JH both can’t sleep. The silly duo talk to each other over the phone and well engage in teenage chitchat. Loveeee!!!! I like the two of them they are soooo cute. TJ is duly inspired and he wakes up the next day to work out and is like woahhhhhhhh. Flying up the staircase with quick feet, passing his high jumps with no problem. Woot! On the other hand Hyun-Jae (HJ) is not doing well at all. His mental barriers stop him from performing to his maximum ability. He gets scolded by his coach too. Looks like HJ’s hatred for TJ is only going to increase. Even his manager compares him to TJ. Aack.

Meanwhile, JH goes to visit H. H isnt too friendly to her (I can understand why she just lost her man to this girl-boy I dunno what). H tells her that she gave TJ up cos he had another girl in his heart. Ooh. H tells her to go away, but before JH goes she grabs H’s hand and says
JH: Don’t give up your dreams. When you are doing your sport, you look so beautiful. I want to see that.
It should be more poetic than that but aack bad translation from me. Sorry!!!! You guys get it right it was a beautiful beautiful moment.

JH is back in her room, and she’s checking for flights to go back home. TJ comes in though and she hurriedly slams her laptop shut. Sigh. Looks likeΒ  we won’t have too many episodes of this happy wannabe romance stage.

H and Seungri (SR) meet at the hospital! SR is super cute, he cowlicks his hair down and is so nervous about meeting H. But all his best efforts go awry cos in mid-conversation, the nurse comes and asks him if he has pooped for the day. In a spate of extreme nervousness, SR lets out a giant smelly fart in front of H. wahahaha

ooh back to TJ and JH’s dorm. JH is in the shower and …….. TJ is mighty tempted. He takes one giant swallow after another. Our MinHo is tempted! hahaha. He starts doing pull-ups and push-ups to try and distract himself. JH goes to her desk and sees a surprising new item — it’s the cream that she broke! TJ bought another one for her sooo sweet. JH smiles to herself and opens the cream, but in doing so she suddenly starts thinking of EG
JH: I have to go outside for a while.
TJ: Really? … Hold on.
TJ rifles through his drawers and pulls out an adorable hat for JH to wear so she wont catch a cold. Sigh. He’s so sweet and caring to her. And the ironic thing is that she’s going out of the room cos of EG. Ohhhh love triangles!

JH goes to look for the doctor to tell her about her situation with EG. And she asks him what she should do. He basically tells her that she is running out of time, and what she is doing at the school is making everyone tired. Yeahhh I kind of agree actually.

ooh TJ and EG meet outside. TJ is fixing a light or something.
TJ asks EG: Yesterday… what did you say? What did you say to JH?
EG: Hmm… [evades evades]
TJ sees his awkwardness and doesnt probe anymore. But EG smiles and he tells TJ.
EG: I told JH that I like him.
TJ: What… but JH is a guy.
EG: Whether JH is a guy or a girl… all I know is that I like JH.
ohhhhhhhhh swooon. Those are such beautiful lines!!! Meanwhile JH is walking back to her room, and she cant help thinking of what H said to her in the hospital.

Hee EG is soo cute. He is standing outside JH and TJ’s door holding 2 cartons of milk and hesitating. TJ spots him though and asks him what he’s doing. EG starts getting defensive and says oh! Nothing! I’m just going in! He bravely barges in and shouts for JH.
EG: Goo Jae Hee!
JH: Oh. You came…
EG: Yeah I brought you something to drink. Strawberry milk! That’s your favourite right? Just for you!
EG puts his arm around JH and she doesnt really know what to do. She just kinda awkwardly fidgets about. Sighhhh poor EG.

TJ happens to use JH’s computer though and he realises that she is planning to fly back home. oh noooo. Yikes wonder whats going to happen next.

Meanwhile at the hospital, H’s manager is getting mighty pissed at her, and H finally tells her that she broke up with Taejoon, saying that “Our relationship wasn’t interesting….. *sob sob sob*” Sigh. The manager feels sorry for her too and gives her tissue. BUT… there’s someone who isnt feeling sorry though. Seungri (SR) happens to be listening to all this crouched down on some seats in front and he is happily giggling to himself. wahahahaha.

Back at the school, the three kiddos (EG, JH, TJ) go on a field trip with the 2 teachers and the doctor. Grin it’s like 2 love triangles happening at the same time! JH has some time to herself and… she is applying BB cream??? Ok some bits in this show totally mystify me. Anyway, the 6 of them start helping out in the village by distributing medicine, mending roofs, and of course lifting heavy things. Ooh time for MinHo to TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT come on PD dont deprive us!!! TJ shows of his manly manliness by carrying 4 sacks of rice at a shot, and of course carrying the largest rocks.

OH YEAH OH YEAH EVERYONE! IT’S MINHO’S TURN TO TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT! The reason why he does it kinda mystifies me though. He asks JH to help him wash off so he takes off his shirt and does a push-up stance and asks JH to hose him down. Errr… ok whatever I’m not complaining. Hee. As TJ is putting on his shirt back on, he notices JH staring back at him and he is a bit embarrassed… but its actually cos JH sees a rather large hole in his pants. She asks him to take it off. WAHAHAHA. To mend it, of course, but still πŸ™‚ TJ changes into a pair of drapey looking shorts which makes JH giggle loads. She starts mending his pants for him though, and TJ looks on and thinks of how she’s going back to the US. Sigh.

Back at the hospital, H is holding a picture of TJ and standing by the railings. She looks at the photograph, but accidentally drops it, and when she reaches out… SR springs out from behind and grabs her saying “No!!! Dont do it! It’s not worth it!!!” hahahaha super funny scene. She pushes him off, or at least she tries to, but SR is too strong and he keeps holding her down. Finally she elbows him in the stomach and he goes OWWWW but still he grabs on to her leg. In the end H tells him she’s not committing suicide, but her elbow to his stomach is kinda fatal and haha SR ends up having to get wheeled into the OR. He tries to tell his last dying wishes to H before he goes in but passes out midway hahaha.

Back at the village, the kiddoes are happily eating dinner. EG and JH are happily munching away at their chicken (TJ doesnt eat it) and TJ gets kinda jealous at the two of them. hee. It’s time to prepare the bed, and EG and TJ are spreading the bedsheet, but get into a competitive jealous fit in the midst of doing so and….. RIP! There goes the bedsheet. Uh Oh. In a moment of candidness, EG asks TJ “What is JH to you? A friend? A roommate?” TJ just kinda evades the question. He goes out to play with the doggie, and sees JH coming out. She’s going to the toilet, but needs some manly company cos well the toilet is kinda freaky. TJ bravely goes and swats spiders away for her. Thats what REAL MEN do. Heehee. TJ also asks her about her plane tickets and yeah… JH says that she has to goback soon. Sniff.

Suddenly, the grandpa of the house appears though creepy style and gives TJ and JH a scare. Silly. EG and JH sit outside on the verandah and kid around. JH pretends to tell EGΒ  secret and shouts into his ear “EG, King of the Idiots!!!” heehee the two of them are really funny.

Meanwhile, the teacher is hunting around the miso pots trying to look for medicine for the female teacher. Doesnt really work though, cos when he puts his hand on her forehead in an act of concern, she asks him “erm… did you wash your hands after going to the toilet?” EPIC FAIL.

Next day, EG gets a call… woot!!! our En Gyol got into the National Football team!!!!!!!!! YAAAY!!!! EG is packing his bags cos he needs to go back for practice tomorrow. JH is sooo happy for him and keeps congratulating him. Me too! I’m so happy for him! He takes the wrong phone as he leaves though. Ooh conflict is going to happen.

JH is in the kitchen trying to get bowls but she’s too short. Been there done that. Always happens to me. And then in AGD style (just like the Me Ah Ri scene) TJ comes from behind and reaches up to get the bowls for JH. She suddenly looks shy and says “Thank you.” EG finds out that he took the wrong phone and comes back to look for it. He goes to the room but doesnt find JH, so he stands at the Verandah to look for her. “JH! Where are you???” JH moves to go out of the kitchen since EG is calling for her. TJ stops her though
TJ: Don’t go. I want to talk to you about something.
JH: But… EG is calling for me.
TJ: Don’t bother about him. About going to the US… I’m not going to let you go.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That’s it! Ended!!!!!

I loved today’s episode. TJ and JH are progressing along really nicely and of course, the shirtless scene really made my heart go a-flutter. Damn it I think I am really in love with MinHo. He’s sooo adorable. Ok sorry couldnt help my MinHo bias there πŸ™‚ I feel sad for EG though, actually I think I like him the best of the three. Especially when he said he loves JH whether or not she was a guy. To love her so much that he can forgo his “manliness”… wow. EnGyol! Saranghaeyo!!!!



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