Nice Guy (Korean Drama) Ep 4 Recaps

Hi everyone! This is where we left off last week

Summary of Ep 3: Jae Hee is evil bitch incarnate and uses her feminine wiles to play on Manager Ahn. Check out her flirting skills. Good thing is that Maru sees all this in action. On the other hand Eun Gi and Maru are getting some action. Ep 3 ended with EG telling Maru that she is interested in him and wants to see more of him. Hmmm. You never know with that girl though she’s always tough to read!

JaeHee (JH)
Eun Gi (EG)
Maru (M)
JaeGil (JG)

Ep 4 starts! M is out exercising. Yeah he has to, so he can continue looking so delicious. Ooh and guess who is exercising too — JH. Yup she definitely has to, she’s won everything by her looks basically. While both of them are exercising, they think about the other party though. M thinks of how he saw JH kiss Manager Ahn, and JH thinks of how she saw M with EG together. Oops she’s so distacted she’s about to fall of the treadmill, but she gets rescued by… *drumrolls* EG! Who says many a spiteful thing (as usual)

JH: What is your relationship with that man? The man that you met yesterday, how did you meet him?
EG: How about you? how well do you know him?
JH: He’s not good for you. He’s a bad guy. He’s only interested in you because of your background.
EG: I don’t care because I’m interested in him. I’m leaving.
JH: Don’t ignore what I said!
Hmmm you know, EG talks in a really weird way. I mean in terms of her expression. She always has this like half twisted mouth and her eyes look beady. I think… she’s overdoing it a bit. She has the typical “I am evil Korean lady starring in a drama” expressions all the time. Just like in ‘Temptation of a Wife!” Do you guys think so too????

Sorry I got distracted again. Grin.

M is changing and Choco comes to talk to him.
M: Why? What’s up?
C: Oppa… I’m sorry… I always get you in trouble and you always have to save me
The two start joking though, and C tries to recall how she saved M from “brink of death” situations previously. Like when he was with that crazy dog. And when he was with crazy stalker JH. Grin. Whatever you say C!


And she’s super nervous. I would be too, the reality competitions here are intense in Korea! Although this staged one is kinda lame grin. Aack this scene really reminds me of another drama but I cant think which one!!! Is it “Dream High”? C is so nervous she cant sing though. Her voice quivers non-stop and well… she gets asked to sit down. She goes to the toilet in dejection and sees a little girl and starts singing to her proclaiming she’s like Mariah Carey… and the little girl walks away the moment she starts. WAHAHAHAHA. I love that scene. Esp cos the little girl had no front teeth. OOH. Now C takes out her phone, and sings to a picture of JaeGil! Wahahaha. And she’s actually quite good! Hee KwangSoo saves the day

EG’s lawyer is back at M’s village trying to dig up the dirt on JH. But Manager A has already taken precautions. Ooh. Smartypants. A thinks about how he first met JH though. It was in the lift, when they taking it together, and JH was protesting about how ridiculous it was that the elevator was only for the executive team. Won his heart from then it seems like! President asks A about his opinion about JH.
President: I want to ask you about that woman.
A: What do you mean…
President: That woman. Han Jae Hee. What do you think about her? Can I trust her?
A: She is different. President… you don’t have to worry about her.

Who else shows up but…. M! Woot! He sees EG and JH come in and approaches them, smiling… but with his smiles for EG.
EG: You are here? It’s nice to see you. When did you come here? Have you been waiting for long?
M: Not for long… just two hours.
Hee. He really knows how to win them over doesn’t he! EG introduces JH to M and ohhh M says “I know her. I heard that she used to be a reporter that broke news on the wickedness and unjustness in the world. But now, I think you are not that person.” BANG! Hit the nail on the head!

President (P) sees M with EG and invites him to dinner and gives him the third degree. M tells the truth about his background.
M: Our mother passed away right after I was born. Now, I work as a bartender. I quit university because… I was removed from the school register.
P: Removed? … Why?
M can’t reply. Yeah I wouldnt know what to say either. Awkward silence but EG jumps in and turns the table on her dad and starts asking him.
EG:  I want to see M because I like him. I’m curious about him. Isn’t that enough? How about you? How well do you know JH? When you were seeing a woman who is the same age as your daughter, did you find out about her too? What else is there about her? Do you know about her past.
EG pisses off her dad royally and he leaves, leaving only M and JH.
M: It’s time for us to negotiate.
JH: Why are you doing this??? What do you want? Is it money? Do you want me to die? Or I know… Is it revenge? Is that what you want? *starts getting abit hysterical actually*
M: You must be crazy. Where you are now… its not right. So I am here to bring you back. To a place in the world where you belong.
JH: Bring me back to where? To that ditch?
M: No… That’s more than you deserve.

M leaves the house and sees EG. Looks like both had an ulterior motive for wanting to meet today.
EG: So… that’s it for today. Be happy. *offers him a handshake as a farewell gesture* Live well.
M: How about a farewell kiss instead? A goodbye kiss. Let’s have a farewell kiss, and we can break up after that. *takes her hand* Take care too. We’ll keep in touch till then.
Woahhhh no wonder M gets all the girls!

Hahaha JG’s gf Yura comes to look for C and brandishes a couple tshirt that she and JG have. Except that JG’s tshirt has permanent markings all over Yura’s face. ahahahaha. She confronts C and asks C if she likes JG. C says noooo! I don’t!
Y: Do you like JG? Do you?
C: Nooo I dont!
Y: Dont worry, it’s completely understandable. Our oppa… he looks totally like Ashton Kutcher.
C just stares blankly at her, and cant believe that those words could come out of her mouth. Hahaha.  JG appears though, and he scolds C and tells her to apologise to Y.
JG: If you do this to Y again, I won’t be able to be patient with you anymore! Even if you are the sister of my best friend.

JG is playing the piano and singing and the girls at the bar are all turning to stare at him. Grin. Good for JG to have the limelight! Hee M is behind the bar shaving ice. Yikes he’s using very pointy objects though first an icepick and then a knife I ope he doesnt slice off his hand. M shaves the ice down to a perfect ball, and serves it to… Manager A! Woot! This is getting interesting.

EG finds out that the President has ordered that she be excluded from everything. She gets mightyyy pissed. She tries to go into a conference room which is locked.
EG: Open this door RIGHT NOW. I’m an executive of this company. Open it!
She goes in to the meeting, which is about a company that’s facing problems due to lack of funds. Manager A suggests selling off Resort Amore to get money, and suggests that JH help them given her close relationships with that relationship. EG interrupts though and tries to find a way to save that resort, cos well it seems that it has sentimental value to her because of some memories she had there with her mom. BUT… its of no use though and the P decides to let JH do it, saying that he needs to think of succession too. Whaaat. JH learns of this and … smiles. A totally evil smile. eeks.

He lugs out his old medicine stuff. His books, his stethoscope, his uniform. Oh and also, an old picture of him and JH. The memories still hurt though, and he turns the picture face down. Hmmm there’s a visitor at their home. A lady called Kim Hee Joo? I think? She talks to C who says… “He’s a really good brother to me, but to other girls, he’s a really bad guy. Because of my hospital fees, my tuition… to save me… he does alot of bad things. But he is my hero.” The lady leaves and… eek M comes popping out of the house. He’s overheard the whole thing.
C: Ah! Oppa…. you were home… did you… hear what I said?
M: Hmm? Yah. I did.
C: Ahhhh…. please… don’t kill me…
M: Because I want to hear of how many times I have saved you, I will be merciful. *Pinches her cheeks*
M makes to leave, but as he goes, C says to him “Find a woman who really loves you Oppa. Please. Find a girl with a true heart.”

M: You called? Is it because you want a kiss?
EG: Tell me 10 characters who have abandoned everything they had because of love. Start.
M starts listing from the dramas. Princess Pyeong Gang. Princess Piona. The Princess’ Man; Goo Jun Pyo… hee he brings a smile to EG’s face
EG: I miss you. [Wow. I think she was really sincere when she said that.]
M: Where are you? I’ll come to find you.
EG: I’m in Japan….
EG starts telling M about the resort saga.

Because of the resort, the two girls are having an epic battle. JH starts preparing to meet all the execs of that resort so she can sell it. EG tells her that she will try to keep the resort no matter what.
JH: I am strong. I have a goal that I want to reach. No one in this world can stop me. So… maybe you should stop wasting your time. *strokes EG’s hair after saying that*
Oooh. Let’s see who wins. And of course, this whole conversation between the two women is heard by M.

She pores through the books and the accounts trying to find a solution for Taesan, but its hard. 1am… 4am… she still can’t find anything. She goes out of her room to take  abreak and ends up falling asleep on the grass. While she’s sleeping, someone picks her up and drops her into the pool. WHAAT! It’s M! Looks like he’s come to save the day!
M: Sleepyhead. Looks like you’ve slept enough. Let’s go. Let’s go so we can win everyone else.


omo. Can I say… that I LOVE THIS SHOW. oh gosh I really really do. There are 3 shows that are showing at the same time now, TTBY, Arang and Nice Guy and they are all good dramas but wow. Nice Guy is really gripping me. I hate that now i have to wait ONE MORE WEEK to watch the next episode. And I’m super intrigued by Maru… how can he still have feelings for his noona? What was it about his love that is so true??? She sent him to prison, deserted him for another man, and basically is now Mrs Evil. Why bother? Regardless, I’m a NICE GUY fan for life 😀


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  1. Thanks 4 the recap, I really like the drama more than Arang and TTBY. I can’t wait to see the next episodes. JH is actually a pain in the a** but how come M still loves her after all she did? I love Joongki and Chaewon’s transformation in this drama, they did a great job I think. Next episodes will be more interesting n I’m waiting for your recap again.

    • goldfishgee

      HI Ayuni!!!! Yeahhh I know maybe there is another side of JH that we will see as the drama goes along. I love Nice GUy too! Yaay come join me as I recap, you can follow our blog to get updates too. xoxo, goldfish

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