To The Beautiful You Episode 13 Live Recaps!


Looks like JaeHee is going to get herself into some trouble today. Eeks. Crossing my fingers.


Starts where we left off last week. EG is hunting around for JH, but she’s with TJ. She wants to go look for EG but TJ doesn’t let her.
TJ: Don’t go. I have something to say to you. I won’t let you go to America.
JH just looks at him, stunned. EG comes into the room, and TJ just pushes him aside and walks out.

That evening they are back at their dorm, and TJ is super nice to JH. He asks her “are you tired?” and pushes her gently to the washroom so she can wash up. He says something really cryptic sounding though… I dunno if I heard right, but TJ told her “I have a secret love that I want to tell you about later.” WHAT. JH is equally o_O. Oh I think he just said secret… minus the love. hahaha. eeks thats me getting too EXCITED! Sorry if I got your hopes up too!

Meanwhile Mr Doctor Teacher notices how TJ is treating JH and… well he gets suspicious. And rightly so! He drops JH a message and says “JH… be careful around TJ.” He gets a reply swiftly, but it’s from TJ! Yikes. Epic fail. TJ texts back and says that he has JH’s phone now. The two meet, and upon questioning, TJ tells Mr Doctor Teacher the truth and how he knows JH is a girl. The doctor tells him that if he tells JH that he knows she’s a girl, JH will get scared and leave. So… TJ decides to swallow what hewanted to say.

Back in the dorm, TJ and JH talk, and he makes JH promise to tell him about her plans in the future. The two of them… their relationship is blossomingggg…. In the morning they leave lovey dovey-ish notes to each other, and TJ cycles for training with a ginormous grin on his face. At training it’s TJ and HyongJae (HJ). TJ of course, makes his jumps, and JH just HAPPENS to be peering into the gym when he finishes his jump. Heehee. TJ does an annoying Usain Bolt-ish pose at JH after he finishes his jump successfully. I’m rolling my eyes wahaha.

In the classroom, the boys are all preparing for class soon and… looks like the tarot obsession in Korea is also true for these boys. Haha. En Gyeol (EG) is getting his fortune told by JongMin (JM) and he sees love in EG’s life, which gets EG all grinning and smiley. JM gets jealous and asks “WHO IS IT WHO IS IT” … to which EG just puts a finger to his lips and says “It’s a secret”. wahaha. He asks JM to do the tarot-reading for JH and lo and behold… looks like something NASTY is going to happen to JH! I agree. It’s already Episode 13. Something’s going to happen soon 🙂 especially since there are only 16 episodes.

TJ has his earphones on, and just as he is walking JH calls him and he turns around. It’s superb timing because a giant flowerpot comes crashing right next to TJ, where he would have been standing if JH hadn’t called him. Aack. That was quite scary actually the flowerpot was ginormous. A shadowy figure (looking a bit like HJ) was standing right above where TJ was too. But when he looked up, there was no one there. Hmmm.

Hana (H) is getting interviewed, and the interviewer asks her about TJ. Expected! H’s manager gets all defensive and says “privacy?! Do you understand privacy?” H suddenly says “It’s ok.. we broke up. I’m looking for someone who is more interesting than TJ.” Those are all harsh words though. When she goes back to her hospital room, she reaches for her phone and thinks of calling TJ, but resists the urge.

It’s nightfall, and TJ cycles back to his dorm. He parks his bike and goes in. When he does so, a hooded figure runs out with wire scissors and starts to cut the wires on TJ’s bike. BUT… he gets spotted by none other than JH. JH notices… and she walks towards the hooded figure and asks “What are you doing?” He looks up (it’s HJ!) and … is momentarily super flustered… and just runs away. Sneaky sneaky.

Next day, TJ and JH set off, and JH remembers what happened the previous day. She makes up some silly excuse and grabs TJ’s bike and takes off. She’s cycling, and as she goes downhill, the wire brakes get cut (HJ’s work) and she gets faster and faster downhill with no way to stop. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. As she gets faster, she has no idea what to do and she is screaming on the bike “Ottoke?!!!! What should I do???!!!!” EG sees her, and comes to the rescue! He uses his scooter thingy, to grab JH from her bike and has a dramatic fall where JH falls into his arms and the bike runs by itself down the hill and basically… disintegrates. EG! Saranghaeyo! But, in the midst of EG’s heroic antics, he gets hurt. His ankle is hurt pretty badly, and whether he can heal in time for his National soccer team games is a question mark. Oh no. Poor EG! He puts on a brave front in front of EG, but the moment she leaves, he says “Ahhh. My ankle hurts.”

JH confronts HJ in the stairway. Hence the picture in the front. She tells him she knows he was up to no good, and that EG got hurt as a result. HJ grabs her and says “What???? What are you talking about?” Looks like HJ has some love for EG too! In the midst of the confrontation, EG appears and he grabs HJ and asks “What is JH talking about? What is this?” The truth inadvertently comes out. EG is angry, and rightly so, and he pushes HJ aside and strides off. TJ hears about the news and rushes to JH to see if she’s okay. JH tells him what happened, and that EG got hurt while saving her. Two Knights in Shining Armour! I’m jealous!

Back at the hospital, it’s time for our second couple to make an appearance — H and SeungRi! SeungRi (S) is really cute, he buys a drink for H and opens it for her to drink. Hee. He asks her about her injury and how she couldn’t compete, and comforts her. Or at least tries to. Heehee. S tries to ask H “Hana.. Friends?” she kinda grudgingly says yes and gives him back her drink. SR is over the mooooooooooon with happiness grin.

Class starts, and the boys are all talking about H and TJ’s breakup which is out in the news. Turns out that HJ isn’t in class, and the teacher notices. TJ puts two and two together, and starts to get suspicious of HJ.

TJ’s father comes to school, and he meets JH. They start talking about TJ and his scandal(s). Heehee.

Meanwhile, EG is heading back to school after getting a blasting from his coach for hurting his ankle. Sigh. He also thinks back to HJ, who could only say ‘I’m sorry” and refused to say anything more. A little girl shows up at school asking for TJ though and she meets EG. Hee. The little girl is super insolent and keeps insisting on seeing TJ Oppa. EG has no choice but to sneak her into their dorm by putting her into a sports bag. Their teacher walks into their dorm though, and EG and JH hurriedly try to hide the little girl. Phew! The teacher is to dense to realise. Hee. EG and JH talk to the little girl, who says she;s not TJ’s little sister. They ask her who she is then.. she says “My Oppa is Min Hyun Jae” whaaaat????? What’s going on??? The little girl is super cute though. While waiting, she gets her hair plaited into pigtails by JH and she gets fed by EG. HJ takes her home, and as he leaves she asks him to visit her and her mom and makes him promise. Ah her cuteness is too much. I would promise her anything in the world too! HJ gets home, and when he goes into the dorm, he sees EG
HJ: Thank you… for taking such good care of my little sister.
EG: She’s adorable.
HJ starts talking about what happened earlier, and as he talks he starts to tear. “In this world, I’ve worked so hard for everything. But TJ, TJ just gets everything happened to him. And Kang Tae Joon can also take it all away from me.”
ohhh. Painful words. EG listens, and tells him that TJ is TJ, but he is who he is.

TJ is training, and JH comes to look for him. TJ tells her that he knows what happened with HyunJae, and he knows what she did for him. JH is awkwardly looking away, and she moves to touch the highjump bar. And and and… TJ walks towards her and gives her a back hug! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He just says simply, “Thank you.”

TJ comes out of the building, and he sees HJ waiting for him.
HJ: Sorry. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. It’s been 3 nights already… and I can’t sleep.
Poor HJ I really feel for him. He confesses to the whole affair though. TJ deals with the whole situation really well though, and he brings the whole matter to a fairly amicable end. HJ says he will pull out of the competition if TJ wants him to, but TJ just brushes it aside.

TJ is back in his room, and JH starts talking about his family. Eeks. TJ gets suspicious and asks questions.
TJ: Have you… by any chance have you met my father?
JH: Erm… yes..
TJ: When?
JH: Yesterday…
JH tries to say a good word or two about TJ’s dad, but he doesnt listen and strides off angrily. TJ is outside with the doggie, and starts thinking about the past. He remembers his mom’s birthday, when him and his mom would wait for ages for his dad, only to have him not appear. Only a flower basket would be sent at the last minute. As TJ’s mom got more and more ill, TJ got more and more worried and kept asking as to whether she went to the hospital for more checkups, and what the hospital said. TJ double checked with his dad, but all his dad said was “The hospital said she had a cold.” After which his dad got a business call, and… that was the end of the conversation. Wow looks like TJ’s hatred for his dad’s negligence towards his mom runs prettyyyy deep.

TJ gets a phonecall which JH picks up. Uh oh. Looks like something bad has happened. JH “I think something has happened to your dad.” TJ looks at her, at a loss for words.


ohhhhhhhhhhh. Guys, this is a serious crisis. We only three more episodes to go!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! What am I going to do with my life after TTBY is over?! I loved today’s episode though, in particular I think EG is my favouritest character. I love how he is so giving with his feelings, both to JH as well as to HJ. If not for MinHo’s yummiliciousness, I would say to JH — choose EG! 제발!

How about you guys? How did you find today’s episode? Any guesses as to what will happen in the end?



  1. Thanks for your live recap.

  2. adi

    thanks alot… loved this ep and your recap.. 😀
    waiting for tomorrow… the preview kills me .. kiss … 😀

  3. faranak

    thank you soooooo much for quick recap 🙂 😉 :*

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      hi darling faranak!
      hee thank youuuuuuuuu for your comments. I like knowing that someone reads my stuff! If you like our recaps, you can follow our blog too so that you get updates whenever someone posts. TTBY fighting!

  4. shahidameri

    thank you for the recap 🙂

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      hee you are MOST WELCOME!!! I love this show sooo much. If you want to get updates whenever someone does a recap here just follow our blog! xoxoxoxoxo

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