Nice Guy (Korean Drama) Episode 5 Recap

Ooh. Another awesome dawesome Nice Guy episode. Here’s a recap for those of you who want to know what’s going on!

Maru (M)
Eun Gi (EG)
Jae Hee (J)
Jae Gil (JG)
Choco (C)
Manager Ahn (A)

Episode 5 starts off with M driving. And as he drives, he gulps down Vitamin Water (must have to keep his good looks), and thinks about what has happened the last few days. What J said to him about whether he wants revenge, seeing J kiss A, hearing J say that she will not stop at anything to get what she wants, and also, his meeting with A at the bar.
A: We are meeting like this, like animals hunting each other and marking each other’s territory. You know what that means right? I want you to leave J.
M: I am not someone that will just disappear. I will be there till the end, no matter how unwise it is.


J is hard at work selling off the Amori Resort. BUT… our darling M shows up to spoil her best-laid plans! Loving this! M goes to look for EG, and sees why she wants to keep the resort so badly. He sees her doll, and her “EG Tree”.

He wants to look for her, but sees the sign she’s stuck on her door saying that “NO ONE SHOULD ENTER I AM VERY F*ING BUSY STAY OUT”. Grin. M waits outside for her, and sees her step outside in frustration to sit on the grass. He tries to wake her up but she is a dead LOG. Hee. I sleep like that too.


So… M rolls up his sleeves and GETS TO WORK. He calls JG for help (who grumbles non-stop but at the promise of getting introduced to pretty girls), teaches M how to understand the numbers. What. People pay $100,000 for an MBA and study for a year, but JG and M only need a phonecall πŸ™‚ I’m feeling a bit guilty now though I have an accounting major but… I’ve forgotten most of it. If Song Joongki called me for help I would be… USELESS. Looks like M has found a way to solve the problem… thanks to a previous girlfriend he had. HAHAHAHA. Being a serial dater is useful apparently. It’s daybreak and he goes to wake EG up, throwing her into the pool (where we ended off last week)

M: Good morning Miss. Hurry up and get ready. Before we fight them, let’s go eat something.


The two have breakfast! Well technically M is the only one eating. EG just sits there looking at him in wonder.
EG: How did you get here?
M: Plane. Oh… and also… a taxi.
Grin. He feeds her some awesome delicious looking sashimi and tells her he’s here to save the dayyyy. Woot! M starts to tell her his solution… and EG’s wonderment just increases… but she immediately catches what he wants to do. M tells her “Oh. Maybe you are smart too.” GRIN. M says to her “Hurry, you don’t have much time.” EG realises he’s right, and grabs all her papers and quickly rushes off. But not before M kisses her on the forehead and tells her “I, Maru, am giving you EG my full support. You have to go kick everyone’s ass” okay that was my very colloquial translation but you get the point πŸ™‚ But as EG turns away smiling, M face suddenly changes and we see the cold, unfeeling M rear his ugly side. Sniff.


J is in the bath sauna thing that is in all Japanese resorts, and A goes to find her to tell her that EG has called him saying that she’s found a way.

J seems totally unflummoxed though, and just says “Why do I care? I don’t have to listen to her. Don’t wait for her. We should just go ahead.”


EG rushes to the conference room, only to find that she’s too late.
EG: WHAT?! I said to stop everything before I arrive. Can you not hear?
JH: I didn’t hear.
EG gets all pissed and tears up the contract… and then SLAP! JH slaps her across the face.
JH: I am your mother. Who are you to do this. Your father was the one who wanted me to sell the resort, he wanted to do it more than I do because he wanted to get rid of all the memories ofyour mother.
EG does an evil eye stare at JH but turns her wrath on A, asking him when he started to become JH’s slave. Just then, M calls EG to find out whats going on, and EG says “Not too well… I’ll call you back later.” But M asks to speak to Richard, the company president that wanted to buy over the resort. He starts to blackmail and threaten Richard, and exposes his corporate misdeeds before. As a result of M’s cool suave expose, Richard stomps off saying ‘What is this??? I’ve never had so many false lies and deceit before!”


JG is in the cafe where C works with his gf, and C marches over to tell him
C: In this cafe, there are many people whose age ranges from 0 to 100. So, for kind consideration, please avoid excessive skinship.
Grin. That cracked me up. Someone calls to JG and says to him “Hey, young Sir, you are the President’s son… your father is old and sick. Please come back to the company.” JG turns and tells him “I will never go back. My father is CEO of a company that lies, cheats, and exploits foreign workers cruelly. I will never be a person like that. If you meet me again, please pretend you dont know me. Also, I have changed my surname. I am now OH Jae Gil, not Park Jae Gil.” Wow. It’s the first time we are seeing this side of JG… and I’m LIKING IT!

JG’s girl suddenly decides to get C in trouble.
Girl: Darling! Look what C did! She stole my bracelet… it’s worth over USD 1000!”
To which JG’s expression totally changes.
JG: I know C well. I know she will bite your arm, she will call you names and say you are a middle-aged woman, but I know that she will never steal. That I am sure of. So I want you to just go. If you don’t go, then I will leave you.
Wowwww. This episode is doing wonders for increasing JG’s fans. Kwangsoo FIGHTING!

The two have a meeting. But before the President comes in, the Lawyer is fingering a picture of M and deep in thought. Looks like the President cares more for his daughter than he cares to let on.
President: If… if… if everyone around EG leaves her… even me… I hope you stay around to protect her. No matter how difficult that becomes. This is my plea to you.
Lawyer: I will try my best.

JH calls M.
JH: Please. We have to meet.
M: Sorry, I have an appointment. There’s nothing you will say that I want to hear.
JH: Please. It will just take 10 minutes.
M gives in and they arrange to meet at the bridge.
M: I am giving you exactly 10 minutes.
JH: What has become of you… why are you like this now… so cruel. Yes, I know it’s all my fault, it’s what I did to you. You were such a warm-hearted, kind soul…
M: 3 minutes are over.
[While all this is happening, EG is waiting for M and is all dolled up as well. Hee. It’s funny to see this top ranking super aggressive CEO-wannabe lass so nervous about meeting M]

M: 9 minutes are over
JH: I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be under the water. To be submerged. Such peace. I want to go there.
M: 10 minutes is up. I’m going now.
JH: Don’t go to EG! Please… please… I’m begging you don’t go…
M strides away. But as he walks away, he hears the sound of someone falling into the water. He turns around and cries out “NOONA!!!!!” This is done epic 300-ish fashion. And immediately plunges into the water to save JH. Grin of course at the same time, the glass that Manager A is holding suddenly crushes. Heehee.Β All this while EG is patiently waiting for M. EG tries calling him, but doesnt get an answer. Of course. That’s cos her boy M is well… performing CPR on her mother. Yucks. That sounds gross. But it’s true! Sigh. looks like M’s love for JH is still alive and kicking though, no matter how much he tries to suppress it. Note to PD: Next time Song Joongki has a “dive into the water” scene, could he take off his shirt please? Pretty please??? *bats eyelashes*


EG’s kickass lawyer is investigating more, and in the process he looks through CCTV footage and discovers… ooh! He sees the kiss that JH had with A. Looks like somebody gonna get a hurt real bad………. hee

JH survives her “suicide” and comes to her senses, all thanks to M’s heroic chivalry. Note to PD
JH: You haven’t forgotten me, right?
M: What?
JH: I know you haven’t forgotten… that’s why you saved me. I will go back to being at the bottom. I will go back to you, I want to go back to your side.
M: Where do you think you are going? What do you mean by bottom? *he gets really pissed now* You destroyed my life, all that I was, I put it all in you…
M turns, and strides off. This is the first time we;ve really seen him get pissed off at JH though, I just realised.


As M leaves, he sees A. Ooh. Staredown. M turns to walk away though. As M is walking down the streets, he suddenly remembers his meeting with EG. Yikes! He runs to meet her. Run Maru run!
M goes to look for her in her room, and can’t find her. He runs to the bridge and sees her, sitting on the floor of the bridge, dozing off. Hee. Looks like everytime he goes to find her she is sleeping. He strokes her hair and she wakes up all in a fluster, with pins and needles in her leg too hee.

M: Why are you waiting till now? What would you do if I hadn’t come here?
EG: Then I would wait for you till you came. I know that you are a person who would definitely come to meet me.
M: Is that… makeup you have on?
MARU! THAT IS SOMETHING GUYS SHOULD NEVER ASK! Just say “Oh you look gorgeous.”
but… the scene ends with M holding EG’s face with both hands and going in for a deep, lingering kiss.


I don’t know about you guys, but I totally TOTALLY loved loved loved today’s episode. What intrigues me the most is M and JH. I can’t believe he didnt see through JH’s ploy and plunged into the river to save her. And his ‘NOOONA!!!’ cry was all too real and genuine for him to deny that he doesnt have any feelings for JaeHee. but WHY? Whats so special about this manipulative, double-crossing evil woman? Yeah she’s hot, but he’s seen with his own eyes how she is manipulating Ahn too. Does that not mean a thing??? Hmmm. I dont know. What do you guys think?
Nice Guy Episode 5 BEST CHARACTER AWARD WINNER has to go to JaeGil though. I know, I kinda have a KwangSoo bias cos I love Running Man and KwangSoo is soo funny, but I liked the side of JG we saw today. He’s like Robin Hood! Except he’s not stealing from the rich… YET. heeheehee. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my recaps as well as of Nice Guy. ooh and please help spread the word for our blog my darlings!!!

Sticking many pictures of the kiss here for you.



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    Enjoyed your recap it had a fresh fun spin to it.I think that the hint we received today about JG being a young master to an ailing father will be important in the future.

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