To The Beautiful You Episode 14 Recaps

This was where we left off last week. Woot can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!! 10pm KST everyone!


WHEEE STARTING SOON!!! i’m waiting in front of my TV! Anyone out there?

== START ==

It starts where it ended last episode, when Taejoon (TJ) gets angry with JaeHee (JH) when she starts talking about his dad. Ohhh the two of them are having an epic argument now. JH “I hate that you are like that. He is your family. He’s waiting for you.” I agree. Taejoonie.., he’s your only family left… JH finally convinces him (the power of LOVEEE) and the two head to the hospital. TJ opens the door to see his father. His dad looks surprisingly… vulnerable. So different from the powerful businessman that we saw earlier. Here, TJ’s dad is hunting for the remote to the humidifier so he can switch it on, and he just looks like a forgetful ahjussi. TJ walks to his dad, and doesnt say anything, but helps him hunt around on his bed and switches the humidifier on for his dad. TJ is saying some harsh words, about he isn’t going to visit his dad in the hospital… but you and I both know that TJ is all hard shell and soft inside.

TJ and JH are walking back after the hospital, and… TJ suddenly takes JH’s hand. WHAAAAT.
TJ: Just for a while. Please let me, just for a while.
TJ, I would let you hold my hand for ALL OF ETERNITY. i’m sure your legions of adoring fans feel the same wayyyy. Heehee.

Switches to the hospital, and we get to see Hana (H) and Seungri (S) in action! S is at it again, trying everything to entertain H but… it all fails. She just gives him a blank stare and says ” ahhh… you are really not funy…….” Hee. S collapses on the bench in failure, but as H wheels herself away she is grinning to herself. Looks like you are having a small bit of success Seungri!

Training starts for the track and field team. S is venting his anger out on the team, and gets called out by JongMin (J) which only makes matters worse! They end up having to another round of situps, and it’s TJ’s turn to hold on to JH’s feet. He tries to help her, and secretly puts out his hand for her to grab so he can pull her up while she is doing situps. It works the first time, but the second time he pulls too hard AND…. JH ends up falling on top of TJ! WOOOOOT!!!! It earns the attention of the entire team, as well as S though, and the boys end up having to do another 100 situps. haha.

TJ and JH are back at their dorm, and JH starts thinking about what happened earlier… and she starts wondering if TJ is gay. Haha. She goes to show him some magazine pictures to try to test the waters, but ends up doing a boo-boo cos she accidentally shows him a picture of a girl instead of a guy.

High jump training has started too! TJ and HyunJae (HJ) are at it again, but this time… HJ is really amicable. It’s weird. TJ gives HJ some advice though “Jumping is like music… You need to get the right rhythm.” Ooh cryptic words. TJ is jumping, and fails time and time again. JH comes in to film him on her mobile camera for his reference. Coach starts asking TJ “TJ… what’s wrong with you? Are you distracted? What are you distracted about?” TJ does a subconscious discreet glance at JH but says “No, it’s nothing.” It’s time to admit your feelings my boy!

Scene switches to EunGyol (EG) momentarily, and he is touching his Korea National shirt that JH embroidered for him. Poor darling.

The Doctor happens to walk by, and smiles as he sees TJ and JH sitting together. He goes to sit on the bench, and gets seen by the lady teacher. The Doctor stretches out his arms, and she is momentarily transfixed by his muscular arms. WAHAHA. Coach walks by and sees her staring at the Doctor, and asks her what she’s doing. She dreamily says “Don’t you think… that the Doctor is really sexy? His arms are soooo strong….” Which elicits a very disgusted snort from the Coach, waking her up from her dreamy reverie. Hehehehe.

Back at the dorm, JH goes out to find EG and asks TJ if he wants to go along too. He grumpily says no and wants to stay in their room. JH says fine. She moves towards TJ, and he thinks that she is changing her mind and is going to stay with him, and he smiles soooo sweetly at her. But she just grabs the smartphone in his hand and marches off. Hahahaha that scene was priceless! JH and EG are sitting together watching soccer. JH still feels really bad about EG, and she tells him “Cha En Gyol… I’m really sorry.” She’s apologising over his foot injury, and how she is inadvertently causing him to miss his game of a lifetime. EG says no it was worth it. You mean a lot to me, so it was worth it. JH starts to say “EG, I….” but EG cuts her off and says “It’s ok, I know, you are a guy, and you won’t feel the same towards me. It’s ok, I understand.” WHICH ONLY MAKES THINGS WORSE. JH feels super duper bad, and says again “Sorry En Gyol… I’m so sorry… if I were a girl…..” Poor En Gyol!!!!

TJ is training, and JH is there again to help him out. She gets instructed by the Coach to help JH out. “You are his friend, right? You had better help him get ready and help him get into shape!” JH takes his word, and back in the dorm TJ is doing push-ups, but JH comes along, and sits on him while he does push-ups. I’m impressed! TJ actually manages to do something like 5 pushups with JH sitting on him. Thats before he collapses totally on the ground, and the two have a friendly rumple around. Yikes. Sooo… such a dubious friendship.

Back at the teacher’s dorm, Coach is trying to impress the female teacher by invoking the doctor’s “sexy” arms which he does by tying a string on his bicep to cut off the blood supply. It’s a total failure though, as she only notices the dry skin on his arms, and completely misses the “sexy” bit. In fact, Coach ends up spilling coffee all over himself as a result of being unable to use his blood-less arms. Hahahaha.

TJ and JH go out together on another semi-date! They play slot machines, eat icicles, play video games… and yes of course TJ touts his Samsung camera (which looks very nice and slick by the way). He ends up taking secret shots of JH non-stop. So schweet! Yikes the two of them are so crossing the line between friends and lovers it’s KILLING ME. They go to a children’s playground together, sit on swings and slide down baby slides, play with see-saws… totally what couples do. They go to his primary school, and TJ gets a flashback and remembers how his dad used to pick him up from school. The two are walking back together, and having a heart-to-heart talk. JH says “Ohhh… it’s cold!” To which TJ takes off his jacket and puts it around her. And AND AND… KISS!!!!! Doggie looks away in embarrassment. Hahaha. JH is shocked, and pushes him away. TJ realises what he’s done, and tries v unsuccessfully to make excuses, but JH just says “Okay I think its time to go bye.” and runs off. She stands there, touching her lips… in half amazement. JH goes to find the Doctor, and tells him that “Being a guy is really difficult.” YAH. Cos there isΒ  a hot dude who’s your roommate whom you like and who has the hots for you. DUH.

The next day the awkwardness between JH and TJ continues. Understandable πŸ™‚ EG and HJ chat, looks like the two of them are best buddies again. EG says in a moment of honesty to HJ “Hyunjae… there’s this person in my life that I really like a lot.” Sigh I really really feel for EG. We all know what one-sided love is like, and its even more painful because EG is being lied to time after time. If not for his good nature I think he will never ever ever forgive JH.

JH goes to find TJ’s father in the hospital. She heads back to school sad though, knowing that TJ didn’t go to see his father. She meets EG and EG sees her downcast face and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him about TJ’s situation, and EG looks at her and says “Worrying for TJ… that must make you tired.” JH just smiles and shrugs it away. Poor EG though. As JH turns away to walk off, he snaps a picture of himself to post in his diary and says “When you smile, I smile too, because all is good in the world.” Such sweet words!

JH tricks TJ into going for lunch with her, when actually its a set-up meeting between TJ and his dad. I’m not having a good feeling about this…Β  Over dinner, TJ’s dad talks about TJ’s mom and he starts to cry almost, but holds it back just in time. TJ hears his words, and his dad’s repeated apologies, and he starts to cry. After dinner TJ sits by the Hangang river, and the tears just pour down uncontrollably. Ahhh… I’m crying too………………… TJ looks so heartbreakingly sad. Flashback and we learn that it’s largely JH’s doing. She was the one who went to meet TJ’s dad and who told him all about TJ and his hangups about his mom. TJ comes back into the dorm, and he’s all teary and red-eyed. JH looks at him, and just goes up to hug him. She starts to cry because of his pain, and TJ cries too.

Next day at training, EG’s ankle is fully healed and he gets praised by his coach! EG tells him “Look at me, I’m so strong!” To show off, he promptly takes a football and kicks it hard at the goal, only to have the ball bounce back and hit his coach on the head, knocking him out. THIS IS LIKE THE SECOND TIME. TJ is hard at work training too, and looks like his relationship with his dad is going smilingly well. He sends emails with pics to update his dad and it’s smiles all around. His jumping is going along FAB too. Looks like JH has no reason to stay already. TJ is jumping again, his dad and him get along, JH your work is done.

EG sees JH and TJ at the canteen, and sees JH feeding TJ, and gets all upset. He goes to lie down on a bench to ponder and sulk, but then realises suddenly… WAIT! TJ is a guy! He likes girls! So… no reason for me to get upset! Haha he then struggles with the following thought “EG? Boys? EG? Boys?” hahaha.

Back in the dorm, TJ goes to his desk and sees that JH has given him a pot of flowers. He smiles. JH comes in, and semi-apologises to TJ for buying it saying “I know, it’s what boyfriends buy for their girlfriends… maybe I should have give you a little desk or something.” TJ says no, he really likes it, and he gets up and holds JH by the arm and says to her “JH… you should know this by now. I really really really like you.” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But TJ intentionally eases the tension in his confession by ruffling her hair like he usually does. Ohh ambiguity galore! He goes out of the dorm, and leans against the door and sighs.

EG needs to go to the toilet… AGAIN. Like he always does. The loo in his dorm is taken up, so he rushes to JH and TJ’s dorm. He opens the toilet door and OMO OMO, he sees JaeHee with her shirt half-off and sees her boob bandage.
EG: Jaehee… you are a girl??????????????


OHHHHH I am soooooooooo dreading the next episode. JH has been lying to EG time and time and time again. And he’s been grappling with the fact that he’s gay. It’s all been SINGULARLY caused by JaeHee’s lies. Would you guys forgive JH if you were EG? I don’t think I could. On the other hand, I love the emotional rollercoaster that TJ was on today. I cried along with him! MinHo looks yummy whether he’s jumping, crying, smiling, not doing anything… I love him all the same.Β  But I especially like seeing the vulnerable side of the strong silent type of guys. LOVE. Did you guys like today’s episode too???



  1. adi

    Ya Ya … waiting ……

  2. whoa! I really, really love this show. Thanks for the live recap. too bad we only have 2 more episodes left. I am gonna miss Minho and Sulli. 😦

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      Hello EUN!!! I know.. we need to start a support group for TTBY withdrawal symptoms. =(

      • I totally agree. Can they just date for real? I am a MinSul shipper btw.
        I really had a bad withdrawal symptoms over Answer Me 1997 and now it’s going to happen again once TTBY ends. 😦

  3. mummy of 3

    I am so glad I found you! Thank you for your live recaps! I love this series, though it may not be doing as well in terms of ratings but it so much!:)

    • toomuchcaffelatte

      HI!!! you are sooo welcome πŸ™‚ if you like our posts, you can follow us to or even better… come recap together with us! Hee i love love LOVE ttby as well

  4. kewbie

    Thank you for the recaps! I wish I found your recaps earlier. I’ve been so impatient waiting for recaps from other sites. I love reading your insights. πŸ™‚

  5. punk

    wow awesome recaps ❀
    thanks so much

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