To The Beautiful You Episode 15 Recap

Hi everyone!!! Sorry I couldnt do live recaps yesterday cos it’s the Korean Thanksgiving festival now, so there’s lots going on. I’m watching the episode now though so thought I’d do a recap at the same time! Here goes!

Starts where it ended last week: with EG seeing JH take off her clothes o_O

Eun Gyol (EG) rushes into the bathroom just in time to see JaeHee (JH) disrobing and sees her chest bandage, to which his eyes widen and he says “JH…. You are a girl?”
He storms out of the bathroom and JH runs after him in panic, saying “I’m sorry!” EG is really angry though, and rightly so if I may say so.
EG: If you had thought of what I had said to you, when I confessed to you.. you should have told me

EG storms back to his room, where HyunJae (HJ) is talking to himself in the mirror hehe. EG comes in all in a huff and vents his anger out at HJ. Poor guy! EG lies in bed fuming, and HJ awkwardly escapes to practice. EG lies in bed and starts thinking about all the time he spent with JH though… sigh…

Meanwhile, TJ’s life seems to be going swimmingly. His relationship with his dad is great, and is giving him great motivation.

JH tries looking for EG but he just ignores her. Seungri comes into the room and makes some lame jokes (like he always does) but just gets totally ignored by the usually smiley happy EG.

Taejoon (TJ) comes back after practice and looks for JH but cant find her. During times like this, it’s always… Time to go to the Doghouse!!! Kekeke. True enough JH is there crying. TJ finds her and …
JH: Do you remember the first time we met? I couldn’t believe it, that I had met.. The TAEJOON. I have something to say to you… I’m actually a girl.
TJ: *HUGS HER* I am so grateful for you, thank you for coming into my life. Actually, I already know that you are a girl.
TJ starts to tear…
TJ: I knew for a long time, but I had to hold it… it was hard… and, Gu Jae Hee… I like you.

OMO!!!!!!! WE HAVE WAITED FIFTEEN EPISODES FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAH!!!!! YAAAY! FIREWORKS!!! JH looks at him, and they hug each other, both with tears in their eyes.

HJ and EG have a man-to-man chat, and HJ says sorry to EG again but EG says it’s ok. They start talking, and EG tells him about his (sad) lovelife. Sigh.

Meanwhile, rumours are spreading like wildfire inside the school, that there is a girl in the school. Hmmm.

In class, JH tries to say hi to EG and asks if they can talk, but EG just ignores her. TJ sees the whole episode though, and chases after EG.
TJ: Did you fight with JH?
EG: It’s none of your business.
TJ: It’s troubling JH. She already has lots of things to deal with. Why are you giving her more problems? You used to always tell me not to give her problems.
EG: … Do you know that JH is a girl?
TJ: Yes.
EG: How could you not tell me? How could you do that to me?
TJ: I had no choice…
EG gets super angry and just walks off.

JH hunts down EG in the laundry room, and tries to make him laugh by doing a sock puppet thing just like EG used to do to try to make her laugh. But EG just gets up and leaves.

TJ finds JH back in the room, helping him with her laundry. Hmm. That’s really weird. So she is helping TJ wash his clothes. Does that include his underwear???? Sorry excuse my curiosity hee. TJ sees how distracted JH is and asks her what she was thinking
TJ: What were you thinking of just now? Was it EG? Is EG mad at you?
JH: Yes… EG found out that I’m a girl. He must feel so betrayed right now. I should have told him earlier.
TJ: You had no choice… Don’t worry. EG has a really good personality and a very warm heart. He will forgive you soon. So… you were thinking of EG the whole day? I think I’m getting jealous
HAHAHAHA. That’s funny. JH talks about TJ winning the National competition, and TJ tells her about the young talented kid he heard of who just started 6 months ago and who can already jump more than 2m10cm. TJ goes off for training again, but before he goes he tells JH “It’s not laundry. Helping me, is not by doing laundry. It’s just by staying beside me. If you stay beside me, I will be able to jump so well.”  Sweetnesssss……

Next scene, TJ starts planning something. He sees JH come back into the room and tells her
TJ: I have somewhere to go with you
JH: Where?
TJ: It’s a secret
The two end up going on a date to the aquarium! Ahhhh it’s sooo sweet. JH links arms with TJ so naturally, and when she realized what she did she pulled away but TJ grabbed her arm and held on to her. They went to see the penguins, and TJ held her hand and pulled her to the front so she could see the penguins. They went pseudo-camping next! They went to buy a tent, and voila, re-created the night that JH made smores for TJ but he had to leave. So this time, JH makes smores again for the both of them. They talk about camping in the winter, but JH says “I’m not sure if I will still be here” to which TJ replies that they will do everything together. Hmmm. What does TJ have planned???

EG finds the shirt that JH had given him by accident. He starts to remember all the times that they had spent together, and when he was crying alone by the track holding on to the shirt when he hadn’t been selected into the National team. EG! I want to hug you!

Meanwhile, the reporter is taking pictures of the track team. She sees JH, and she sees how TJ treats JH, and gets suspicious. She asks JH about the rumour of there being a girl in school, but TJ swins by and saves JH from being questioned. JH goes to change after training, but… yikes looks like the Dorm Leaders are hellbent on discovering who the girl is and are checking on the students one by one. They had make a cardboard box thingy with holes to spy on the students changing. EG finds out though, and he comes FLYING DOWN to save JH, and grabs her in the nick of time. Phew!

EG and JH end up at the football grounds together, and EG tells her about the first time he fell in love with her. He asks her for his wish, and says
EG: I know how you feel about TJ, and to you, I’m probably just an extra. But all I ask is that you give me a chance.
JH is about to reply, but EG stops her.
EG: I’ve already been dumped by the male Gu Jae Hee. So this time, think about it first…

Meanwhile, the reporter sinks her claws into TJ. She’s too smart! She uses JH as blackmail to get an exclusive interview with TJ, which he reluctantly agrees to for the sake of JH.

The next day, JH goes on a date with EG while TJ goes for his interview. Haha. EG and JH’s date starts! JH sees a hairpin she likes, which EG secretly buys for her. EG tells her that he was glad to find out she was a girl, and that he likes to see her a smile. He’s so sweet! The interview with the reporter is going on at the same time. The reporter asks TJ about all his prickly subjects, like Hana and the new young jumper.

EG and JH’s date goes well, and EG tells JH that he’d already forgiven her. JH gets a message from TJ though, who tells her that he misses her. TJ is still the number 1 person in JH’s heart. It’s so painful to watch! She asks EG if she can leave, but… EG says that he is going to go the bathroom, and if she is still around when he comes back, he will take it to mean that she accepts him. He goes, and comes back, and sees JH still there… but she is there only because she wants to tell EG that she is going to meet TJ. Sniff. I am crying. I hate this, it’s tooo sad. Poor Eun Gyol!!!

JH finds TJ and says “You said you missed me. So I came to look for you.”
TJ hugs her.

==== ENDS======

I’m still crying now cos of EG. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Poor EG. I don’t know what to say. Are you guys watching and crying too? 😥



  1. mummy of 3

    Will you be doing d live recap for tonight’s last episode??

  2. toomuchcaffelatte

    HI! yes I will!!!!

  3. mummy of 3

    I will be here as soon as my last appt is over! See you!:-)

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