Answer me 1997 응답하라 1997 Episode 10

I’m brushing up my Korean now and watching “Answer me 1997” so I thought I’d write a couple of phrases I’m learning as I watch. Let me know if there are any mistakes below!

내가 꼭 죽은데…
I’m going to kill him for sure…

(싸우다 to fight)
싸워 겄어요?
Did you fight?

간다, 간다.
I’m going, I’m going.

빠리 보고싶다!
I want to see them quickly!

국민 노래
Song of the nation

립싱크 문화
Lip Synch Culture

좋은 사람 다른 있다.
The person I like is someone else.

Really? *I’m not too sure if this is correct but I love the sound of it keke*

왜 좋은네요?
Why do you like me?

국민 요정
National fairy

알아 맞히다
to take a guess

and my favourite….

예쁘다, 내 눈에
Beautiful, in my eyes (referring to Shi Won)


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