Answer me 1997 응답하라 1997 Episode 11

Hi everyone! 안녕 여러분!
There were a couple of folks that liked my previous post with Korean phrases from Answer Me 1997, so I thought I’ll keep going. I do this for self-study purposes, so there are mistakes sometimes – do point them out! Big Hug to aehyu who saw my mistake last post for 빨리 (i had written 빠 리 instead, naughty me)

Do leave a comment if you’re also a K-drama fan who’s trying to learn Korean. We can all be friends (친구)! You can try to guess and see if you can identify where all the phrases come from too 🙂

관계의 정이
Defining relationships

깜박 잊었다
I forgot.

메추라기 알
Quail eggs  (do you remember who’s favourite this was? heeehee)

아침 부터 놀리다
They were fussing about since morning

이 노래 안있다.
This music is not right.


걱정 하지마 라
Don’t worry


좋은 기억 만들기
Let’s make good memories.

세상 무서지 알아지…
Know that this world is dangerous…

일찍 돌이갈 까요.
I’ll go home early.

살인 미수
attempted murder

너무 감동 하지마라
Don’t be too touched

지금 당장 안 오면 우리 끝이다!
If you don’t come now we are over!

얼마 걱정이로 알아?
Do you know how worried I was?

언제 철이 들어요?
When will you grow up?

and to end off…

시원이 내가 지킨다!
Shi Won I will protect you! (this wasn’t said during the show, but it was the title of the picture below from TvN)


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