Hello everyone!!!
First and foremost, THANK YOUUU for visiting our blog. MUACKS. Love you already 🙂
Our simple simple vision for this blog is to create a crazy, beautiful world where TV lovers can get together, recap about what they love, and just talk and share about what moves us and what stirs us on TV. Television is not something to be trifled at. Great TV has the power to bring people together, and it also has the power to pull people apart. A beautifully written drama can give you hope, can help you dream… and can also help you see the harsh, bitter realities of life.

We want to make “The Weird, Wonderful World of Recaps” our safehaven for writing and recapping about what we love.

Please join us!!!

Here are links to some other pages in our site that may be helpful
Recap Rules
Invitation to JOIN US!


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