1. I want to start recapping! What should I do?

Firstly, we want to shout from the mountaintops and say “YAAAAAY!!!!”
Now that we’ve done that, here’s what you have to do

2. What is a recap?

A recap is basically your spin on what you have just watched. It usually contains a brief summary of the previous episode, and then goes on to breakdown what happens in that episode, before concluding with the writer’s thoughts on that episode. No two recaps are the same! Recaps are a chance for us to express our thoughts on that episode, to draw analogies from real or reel life, to point out flaws or great moments in that episode… Recapping is our time to say what we feel about our beloved TV shows.

3. How do I write a good recap?

Hmmm this is a difficult question. We don’t have a good answer for this. But what we can give you are some tips when writing your recaps that we have learnt over the years through much blood, sweat and tears!

  • Starting off with a very brief summary of the previous episode usually helps readers, and guides them into your recap
  • Use pictures. We intentionally chose a blog format, because this means that everyone can upload images and edit their post as they please. Pictures speak a thousand words. You don’t have to use them, but don’t shy away from them either! They make your post look so attractive, and sometimes pictures can capture a scene in a way words just cannot.
  • Specifically, use featured images. Each blog post has the option of selecting an image to be a Featured Image. (See red box in image below) Click on “Set Featured Image” to choose a featured image for your post. This means that on the homepage of this blog, there will be an image attached to your post which makes it more attractive for viewers
  • If you are using abbreviations for characters make sure you spell them out early so there’s no confusion
  • Break up your scenes. TV shows bounce around from scene to scene, which makes it hard to recap. Don’t be afraid to break up your recap by scene! You can have separate smaller titles in your recaps to help you along e.g. “At the bus stop” or “Impending break-up”
  • Use quotes liberally. A big part of why we love TV is because of the excellent lines that characters spew out. Don’t be afraid to just write out what those conversations are, verbatim!
  • Talk about character and plot development. THIS IS WHY WE LOVE RECAPS SO MUCH. Give us your spin on what’s happening! Tell us why you think Mr X has turned from the good side to the evil side. Tell us what you think will happen in the next episode. Tell us if you think the relationship between Y and Z is sustainable and back up what you’re saying with facts, intuition, or things that have happened in previous episodes. We want to know!!!
  • HUMOR WORKS. nuff said.
  • If you have anything to add to this list, please give us a shout in our Feedback Form and we’ll drop it in accordingly!

4. What can I write a recap about?

Anything related to TV shows. It could be dramas, tv shows, reality programs, quizzes… anything you watch on TV and from anywhere around the world. To help be organised, we’ve set out an index to index all the shows that we are recapping now. Just make sure to index your posts accordingly after writing! In fact, we are most interested in learning about less exposed cool awesome dramas and TV shows, so recaps from everywhere are more than welcome!

5. Must I write a lot? Is there some format for the recaps that you want?

No we have noooo limitations on word count! It can be a weecap, or a looong recap, it doesnt matter to us. We want to hear what you have to say, and we don’t want to restrict you! BUT having said that we do have different types of recaps. They are

  • Regular Recaps (these are the regular recaps with no word limitations, and can be written anytime after the show has aired!)
  • Live Recaps (these recaps are written LIVE while the show is going on. Live Recaps are a challenge, but we personally LOVE reading these. The gut emotions that you have while watching your show that you can’t help penning down… those feelings are what we really LOVE to read about)
  • Screencaps (these recaps are in the form of images. Some of us might prefer using pictures rather than words to capture a scene or a show. Go ahead and use screencaps for that!)

6. I’m excited, but… this is my first time! If I don’t write regularly and I don’t write well, is that okay?

Firstly, STOP THAT TRAIN OF THOUGHT. Any recap that tells your point of view is a GOOD RECAP to us. And we completely understand if you can’t be a regular contributor — we would love that, but if you have nothing you feel passionate enough to write about, that is COMPLETELY OKAY! Don’t let that stop you from joining us on this recap journey! What we’d like to say is that recapping, for us, is a way to just spill all the goodness that is inside us and is kinda cathartic, hence we started this blog. We hope you’ll feel the same sense of satisfaction. Whether you write once a day, or once a week, or once every leap year… IT DOESN’T MATTER. We welcome you with arms open wide.

7. I want to give feedback. How should I do that?

Head to our Feedback Form!


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