Getting Started

Firstly, we wanna say a big warm WELCOME 🙂 We are giving you a gazillion virtual hugs from all around the world! Ok. Now time for the important stuff. Here’s a page that is meant to help you get organised, get writing, and get the word out about your wonderful recaps!


First things first. Introduce yourself to your readers! Go to the page which introduces our recappers and write an introduction there! We’ve listed our names in alphabetical order, so just stick in your name accordingly and follow the template (right at the bottom) to tell us about yourself.
Next up is to help you organise your posts. We want to make sure that people can find your posts easily! What this means is because this is a group blog, we need to index our posts to help readers navigate through our blog. Hence, after you have written a recap, don’t forget to index it on our Recap page. That way people can easily find your stuff! Yaay!


After you have signed up to be a group blogger, you will get an instruction email from WordPress. We’ll add you to our author list, and you can start posting!!! This is meant to be a community, which means NO RESTRICTIONS AT ALL. Post on whatever tv shows you like, whenever you like, in whatever format you like. It’s totally up to you! Maybe you have watched a random awesome soap opera in Columbia… or a gruelling TV show that’s filmed in India… or one of those awesome Taiwanese beauty programmes. We welcome it all! This is a place for you to write, relax, and enjoy 🙂 We do want to make your posts as engaging as possible though, so we’ve listed out some tips on our FAQ page on how to write a good recap. Don’t let those tips restrict you though! Feel free to try out any new ideas or formats. Creativity is King 😀


We want to write, but we also want people to read what we write! I know, it’s narcissistic, but we have no choice. The internet is a difficult place to wade through, so we need to help people learn about our blog! What this means is sharing your blog links on relevant forums so people know about it, using social media such as Facebook / Twitter / Tumbler etc, and well… just telling your friends! We are independently working with other blogs and websites to see if there are better ways to grow our community. Maybe we can one day shape the world of television!!! Who knows?! *evil laughter* You will slowly start to build a following for your recaps too, so don’t forget to talk to your followers, encourage them to spread the word, and before you know it you will be famous. You will have to wear stylish sunglasses even in winter.


We want our blog to grow as well as possible. So any feedback is always welcome! Leave a comment here if you have any thoughts.


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