Recap Rules

To help everyone navigate through the site better, here are some rules when writing recaps

  1. Title your posts well. Each post should be titled with the name of the TV show, the episode number, as well as the type of recap (Recap | Live Recap | Screencap). Here are some examples:
    Faith Korean Drama Episode 5 Recap
    American Idol Season 5 Episode 9 Live Recap
    Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 3 Screencap
  2. Categorise your posts. We’ve made some simple categories to help readers navigate through this blog. For every post, after writing, make sure you categorise your post accordingly (Drama / Reality TV / Variety Show)
  3. Tag your posts. This is in the same vein as the above. There are a gazillion and one TV shows out there, so please darling recappers, try to put relevant tags on your posts to help readers find what they want! Tags should be either the lead actors/actresses in that TV show, the type of recap, the name of the TV show, the type of TV show (e.g. Korean drama), the TV network the drama belongs to… you get the gist! Some examples of good tags are:
    Taiwanese Dramas
    US Reality TV Shows
    Lee Min Ho
    To The Beautiful You (Korean Drama)
  4. Sign off! We want to start building a system where each recapper can start to build his/her profile, and get points and ratings from readers. This unfortunately takes time and erm… we are not exactly computer geniuses hee but we are trying our best! In the meantime to sign off on each of your posts so that you get credit where credit is due.
  5. No vulgarities or crude language or porn or shock tactics or… you know the drill! This is meant to be a family-friendly, healthy community. AND WE WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! Anyone who recaps in an unsavoury tone and who uses bad language will be KICKED OUT. Criticism is perrrfectly fine. We’ve all watched bad episodes where we want to kick the producers and scriptwriters firmly in the balls. BUT… the use of vulgarities and porn etc is NOT APPRECIATED AT ALL. Express your anger, tell us how you feel, but do it constructively, and say it in a PG-13 way please!

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