To The Beautiful You Episode 16 [FINALE!]


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STARTS! Starts with a soppy romantic scene, with JaeHee (JH) making breakfast for TJ and being his cheerleader as usual. She hurries him off to practice, and TJ goes off jumping together with HyunJae (HJ). Looks like the two of them are best buddies now! Coach looks approvingly at both of them.

JH is really going all out to help TJ. She goes looking for the doctor, and asks him for massage oils and how she can help TJ get rid of muscle aches etc. Wowww. This is true dedication!

Meanwhile, the side romance continues between Seungri and Hana. Heehee. Looks like Hana is kindof won over by SeungRi’s strange brand of humour. Seungri (SR) starts talking, and tells Hana (H) about the rumor in school of a girl being there, at which H’s eyes widen hugely and she gets all agitated, to which SR gets excited thinking that she’s jealous. Heehee. SR suddenly pulls out a pair of really thick funny glasses and a bald wig, which totally succeeds in making H burst into laughter. Heehee it made me giggle too!

TJ and JH are eating together, and TJ asks JH how her relationship with EG went. JH looks sad and says she doesnt know, she hasnt seen EG around either. They walk out, and who else comes runing out but EG! He is his usual cheery self, and he runs over and asks JH what she’s doing tonight, and if they want to go out together. TJ gets all jealous-y though, and he quickly says “I’m not doing anything either. I’ll join you guys!”

Turns out into a triple date heehee. TJ, JH and EG go shopping together. TJ and JH are too sweet and lovey dovey though, making EG  abit sad. They go to eat deokbokki together, and the spiciness causes both JH and EG to take off their coats only to reveal that they’re both wearing couple stripey shirts!!! Heehee it’s too cute! TJ gets all jealous and annoyed though and strides off. Only to reveal to JH when they are back in their room, that he’s bought her a “couple bag” that’s the same as his!
JH: Thank you!!! *links arms with him* We have couple bags!
TJ: *Pushing her arm away* No, it’s not like that… I just thought it’s a good bag for you to have
Heeehee. JH then proceeds to grab TJ’s leg to practice the massage techniques she’s learnt from the doctor, only to have TJ quickly push her aside. Looks like her touch is making his heartbeat race TOO MUCH. hahaha. TJ ends up spending the night sleeping in the sick bay, because… sleeping in the same room as JH is too much for him.

The next day, TJ has training, and he gives the shoes that he bought together with JH to HJ. Wowww they are really best buddies now! TJ heads off to his competition, and before he goes, JH says encouraging words and helps him with his bag. Before he leaves, JH suddenly says “Hold on a moment!” and she suddenly uns up to him and……….. kisses him! OHHH. TJ is really shocked and his eyes are shell-shocked. Heehee. He drops his bag on the floor in shock. Heehee. After the kiss, they are both really awkward and TJ just says “Oh… I have to go…”

Coach heads off as well, but before he goes, the lady teacher gives him a parting gift of Japanese snacks. He is sooo touched! heehee. He tells her (finally!) that he’d like for them to be a couple, which sends her off in smiles too 🙂

TJ and HJ are in the car with Coach heading off to school, and TJ gets a message from H, asking if everything was ok and that she heard of the girl rumour and asking if… JH was ok. TJ replied “JH’s okay. Thanks for your worrying!” To which H gets all anooyed and replies saying “Who says I was worried?! I was just curious!” Heehee.

At school, JH suddenly feels weak and faints. The boys panic and try to tend to her. They take off her tie, and then start to unbutton her shirt, only to discover her chest bandage…
Student: Senior… you have to look at this…
Seungri: WHAT…
The truth is revealed. And everyone knows that JH is a girl. Seungri is especially angry, and starts shouting at JH “How could you lie about this?” JH is really apologetic and says ‘I’m so sorry, Sunbae” SR shouts back “Sunbae??? What kind of Sunbae am I to you?” Ahhhhh I feel bad for Seungri I dont know how he’s going to deal with the whole situation.

JH is being ostracised in school after everyone knows… hee as usual, when she is sad, JH goes to look for SangChu the doggie. SeungRi is being questioned by the other dorm leaders, and… ok I’m not sure if my Korean is too lousy or if this show is too far away from reality. SeungRi upon questioned by the other 2 boys, pleads with them to just keep JH a secret for now. And, amazingly, somehow… they agree. HUh?????? I dont understand! Shouldnt this be a a matter that is reported to authorities? Ok never mind, whatever, yikes JH is crying again. Sighhh… I feel sad for her… she goes to look for the doctor who tells her truthfully that she doesnt have much time left. JH cries silently, and nods her head.

JH is back in her room, packing all her stuff. As she packs, tears roll down her face. Just then, TJ calls her.
TJ: Why didn’t you pick up the phone? I was looking for you just now…
JH: Sorry, I had to do some things. How are you?
TJ: I’m good. Make sure you pick up the phone next time! I miss you.
They talk more, and JH asks how his condition is, to which TJ replies “Great! I feel good.” He suddenly notices JH sounds weird though, and asks her what’s wrong with her voice. She just makes up some excuse. All this time, as JH talks, tears stream down her face. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s killing me….. whenever JH cries my eyes fill up to its making it really hard to recap at the same time…

The next day, JH is all ready to leave, and EG comes running over in alarm “JH! I heard you are going back? Is it true?” They talk, and EG tells her how much she means to him, and JH just hugs him and says “I’m sorry.”

TJ and HJ are practising at the stadium, and looks like they are all ready. Coach ruffles their hair too, like a proud papa! Hee. HJ and TJ walk down the aisle, and HJ suddenly stretches and says “Ohhh I feel tired I’m going to head off”. Hee. TJ turns around and sees none other than… JH! He is soo happy he runs towards her.
JH: You said you missed me, so I came.
TJ: *all smiles* Yes, you are right, here you are.

The two of them go out on a date! They rent bicycles, cycle along the Hangang river, and end up sitting on a bench watching the magical fountain. JH starts talking about stuff, and how she regrets this and that… and TJ looks at her and says “Huh? JH you are saying strange stuff.” JH just laughs it off though, and quickly gets up to change the subject. But as she cycles off, TJ suddenly cyles very quickly towards her, and pulls her in for a kiss. Ohhhh my goosebumps! TJ sends JH off at the bus stop, and JH suddenly sticks out her hand and says “Be well, TJ” TJ looks at her curiously and says ‘But we are seeing each other tomorrow, right?” JH nods, but says can’t I wish you well? He smiles and shakes her hand. JH’s bus comes, and JH starts to get on the bus, but just before that she runs down and hugs TJ. Ahhhhhhhhhh this is making me really sad. She hugs TJ, and as she holds on to him, her eyes start to fill but she holds it back, and quickly runs on to the bus. TJ doesnt know what to make of it, and just pats her head and says “I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?”

JH is back in the dorm, and she takes a last look at her room with all her memories. The toilet, TJ’s bed, all the memories that the two of them had come flooding back to her. She pulls her luggage and heads out of the school, only to see SR and all the boys out there to say bye to her. JH is so happy, and she smiles and says “Live well, all of you!” She asks where EG is, but they shrug and they say they don’t know.

As she’s heading out, EG comes running out with Sangchu the doggie! EG is so painful to watch, he is so heartbroken but he just smiles and swallows his tears. Aack I can’t take it!!!! He tells her to go happily, and holds back his tears and his sadness only till after JH walks away and her back is to him.

TJ is at the track preparing for his jump, but he keeps feeling uneasy. He asks his coach if he can use his phone, but his Coach brushes him away, annoyed. Just then, Coach gets a call from EG asking for TJ though. EG tells TJ the truth, and tells him that JH went back to America. When TJ finds out, he immediately strides off and goes to the locker to pack his things to leave. HJ runs after him to stop him though, and in the struggle TJ drops his bag and sees the book that JH has left inside his bag. He sees all that JH has written for him, all her well wishes, and all her records of his jump heights that she’s recorded for him.

JH’s on the way to the airport, and on the bus she sees someone watching TJ’s jump on her phone next to her. JH hurriedly asks her if she can share her earphones, and they watch together…. and JH sees TJ jump, and sees him win the High Jump! As she watches she cries…. woah JH did a lot of crying today. TJ gets the cameras on him cos of his win, and he says “GU JAE HEE! Wait for me!!! Do you hear me??? Gu Jae Hee! Wait for me!” JH’s tears start streaming down even more…

Scene switches to 1 year later, in California. JH is wearing her girly stuff again! She’s walking her dog happily. After going back home she opens her laptop, and sees a video that EG has sent to her. He starts telling her about everything thats going on… heehehee.
1. Coach and Lady Teacher are a couple now!
2. Seungri and Hana are happy together, with Seungri always carrying all her shopping
3. Doctor has left, in his usual stylish way
and… just as we are all wondering where TJ is…. JH drops her book on the floor and bends down to pick it up. When she looks up, she sees none other than… TJ! JH cries out in surprise “Kang Tae Joon!” And the two of them hug. Wheee I love happy endings!!!!


TTBY is over everyone… what are we going to do with our lives…………………………………………. please help me, tell me what to do now, I’m going to suffer from major withdrawal symptoms I just know it!!!!



  1. adi

    thank you …. love this drama …. i can’t believe it! it’s over….

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