Join us!!!


We’re sooo happy that you’d like to join us on our crazy recapping journey! We have a couple of roles available:

1. To be a recapper…

If you’d love to join us in our weird, wonderful recapping world, all you have to do is leave a comment here telling us that you want to be a recapper, and let us know what your username or email address is. (Your username has to be your WordPress username.) Once you do that, we’ll add you to our list of authors and you’ll soon be able to start typing awayyyy. You’ll get an email from WordPress, make sure you follow those instructions and click the “Accept Invitation” button, and VOILA! If you prefer to send your details privately over email, just send it to We’ll be waiting! After you’ve signed up, we’ve prepared a brief page to help you get started. Hope it helps! If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave comments and we will get back to you ASAP.

2. To be a follower…

If you love reading recaps, and you’re excited about what this site has to offer, come join us by being a follower! It’s super simple — just scroll to the bottom of this page, and you will see the “Follow” button. Just click and VOILA! This means that you will get updates whenever someone puts up a post so you can join in the fun and read about the latest recaps right HERE.



  1. littlemisstv

    hello everyone!!! I’m excited about this – can I join too? I’d like to try recapping my fav korean dramas!

    • goldfishgee

      of course!!! Welcome to our world of recaps my dear!!! Just sent you an invite – just follow the instructions in the email and you can start posting immediately!

  2. toomuchcaffelatte

    hi recappers! sign me up too. I have much to say about my TV shows 😀

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  4. goldfishgee

    done caffelatte!!! Welcome to the familyyy

  5. hey there, would like to join~~
    i watch too many korean dramas at a go, for my own good.
    may not be very consistent in posting, but will try my best. is it alright?

    • goldfishgee

      hi bishbash!!!
      that is nooo problem at all! Is bishbash your wordpress ID? i will add you as an author for our blog too! If not just let me know what your email is, or your wordpress ID
      no worries about posting, this is meant for us all to have fun so its no pressure at all 🙂 welcome to our recap family!!!

  6. vxgl

    kekekeke @bishbash I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!!
    can I join too??? like bishbash, i wont be that consistent and I’d love to recap about all sorts of stuff so not just Korean Dramas… can I recap other shows too? I’m obsessed with The Mentalist and will prob recap that sometimes, is that okay?

    • goldfishgee

      hello vxgl welcome to our recap family!!!
      sure, we were never meant to be just for k-dramas dont worry 🙂 just happens that all the authors right now are kindof obsessed about them 😀

      is vxgl your wordpress id? if not, can you give me your email address? I’ll add you straight in!

      • vxgl

        woot!!! thanks goldfishgee! just got your invite in my email inbox whoopee!!! happy to be part of the worldofrecaps family too!

  7. vxgl

    yup vxgl is my wordpress id. if not you can try my email address (
    yaaay thanks goldfishgee!

  8. Shin Min

    i want to join, and i want to follow! Maybe I don’t watch much Korean TV shows but hey let’s make this big and expand it to english sitcoms – currently really big on THE BIG BANG THEORY! I dont have a wordpress username though so can i try sitcomshin and my email is

    • goldfishgee

      hello Shin Min!!! Welcome to our recap family!!! Ooh yes Big Bang Theory sounds awesome, sending you an invite now!
      p/s we all know what’s it like to be sucked into a TV show. It takes away your mind, your soul, your heart…. =)

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  10. TAMA

    Hello! I’d like to join, please – if you’re still looking for new people. I do not have a wordpress account but my email address is

    • goldfishgee

      HELLO MY DEAR!!! yes we are always looking to grow our community!!! whoopee so excited to have another member join us! I’m adding you right now, if you have any problems just leave a comment here and I’ll help you out!

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